Axis AX-7 Cobra+ Coax Printer Interface
for zSeries S/390 Host  Printing

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Convert Any Parallel Printer to a Coax zSeries zSeries S390 Coax System Printer

PLEASE NOTE The AXIS AX-7 Cobra Printer Interface has been discontinued These are only available as refurbished products on a very limited basis. Please call us at (800)597-2525 with your specific needs and to check availability.
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The compact AXIS AX-7 Cobra+ IBM 3270 Protocol Converter gives you a fast and efficient printing solution in IBM mainframe systems.

The AXIS AX-7 Cobra+ connects to the Centronics parallel port of the printer with a standard parallel printer cable.  It supports all major ASCII printers on the market. Axis' dedicated high-speed communications processor gives the AX-7 unmatched throughput.

In addition, with it's built in PC Printer Sharing, your printer can serve double duty as both a zSeries S/390 Coax printer and a standard parallel printer for a PC.

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