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Axis 330 Twinax Printer Interface
for iSeries AS/400 and i5  Printing

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Convert Any Parallel Printer to a Twinax iSeries AS/400 Twinax Printer

PLEASE NOTEThe AXIS 330 Cobra Printer Interface has been discontinued. These are only available as refurbished products on a very limited basis. Please call us at (800)597-2525 with your specific needs and to check availability.
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The compact AXIS 330 Cobra IBM 5250 Protocol Converter gives you a fast and efficient printing solution in IBM midrange systems.

The AXIS 330 Cobra is directly connected to the Centronics port of the printer and supports all major ASCII printers on the market. Axis' dedicated high-speed communications processor gives the AXIS 330 unmatched throughput.

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Axis Print Servers and Printer Interfaces

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Axis 5470e - 10/100mb Ethernet Print Server for IPDS over TCP/IP
Axis 370 - Coax / Coaxial Printer Interface Protocol Converter
Axis 330 - Twinax Printer Interface Protocol Converter
Axis AX-7 - Coax Printer Interface - Protocol Converter
Axis AX3 - Twinax Printer Interface - Protocol Converter
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