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Model 4691 eTwinPrint (e-Twinax) Controller
Support for 1 Twinax Printer Over any TCP/IP Connection

e-Twinax Controller - Model 4691

Twinax-to-IP Print Server for Power7, Power6, Power5, System i, and iSeries AS/400 Twinax Printers - Local or Remote

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Please Note:  We offer the eTwinax Controller as a REFURBISHED product only.  Please call 800-597-2525 to check availabilityIf you would prefer a new controller with 3-year warranty we recommend the I-O Corporation Xip+ Twinax Controller.  Click here and you will be re-directed to the Xip+ Twinax Controller page.


The e-TwinPrint Protocol Converter lets Twinax Printers Run Over TCP/IP to you iSeries or AS/400

Your workhorse Twinax printers (SCS and IPDS) printers in can be easily supported over your corporate LAN/WAN/VPN.

Protect your Twinax printer investment, even as you move the rest of your organization to a LAN environment.

The e-TwinPrint creates the configuration on the host AS400 or iSeries for you using Remote Commands.  There is no need for your to create the device.  This is especially helpful when configuring AFP/IPDS printers. It automatically selects the proper PSF/400 parameters for you.

Just plug your Twinax printer into the e-TwinPrint and connect it to your Ethernet network with a CAT5 cable and you can run your Twinax printers over TCP/IP while retaining all the functionality of a Twinax printer - error reporting, page range printing, etc.


  • Web-managed configuration and management. Unlike others that require a PC with configuration and management software to be installed on the same LAN, the e-TwinPrint can be managed remotely over the Web. This permits IT staff to handle problems directly, without having to talk an end user on location through complex diagnostics.

  • Dumb Terminal Setup. Initial setup can be performed with a dumb terminal, an advantage when the device is located in a small remote site without a PC.

  • IPDS Printing. With the e-TwinPrint, the remote command service is used to create and maintain the IPDS printer device description on the host.

  • SCS Printing. The e-TwinPrint implements TN5250e technology to provide support for all SCS printers.

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Please call us at 800-597-2525 or 1-908-688-8100 to discuss your application or if you have any questions.

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Model 4691 eTwinax/eTwinPrint Controller - 1 Twinax Printer Support



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