ET4500x Thin Client Terminal
XP Embedded (XPe) Thin Client with RDP and ICA

PLEASE NOTE: The et4500 Family of Thin Client Terminals has discontinued.
The replacement product for it is the faster
AG6601 Thin Client Terminal.
Please click here to be taken to the AG6601 Thin Client Terminal page.


ET4500x - A Flexible, high-performance terminal includes industry-standard Microsoft Windows XP Embedded operating system, with the latest Windows technologies.  Microsoft RDP and Citrix ICA protocol provide access Windows applications when using Windows Terminal Services or Citrix.  

Multiple terminal emulations let the ET4500x access mainframe, midrange, UNIX, and other legacy applications.

The Internet Explorer browser allows access to Web-based applications.  With Windows Media Player for multimedia and Microsoft Java Virtual Machine (JVM); support for the full Win32 API, as well as Windows XP Professional device drivers and development tools, and many third-party device drivers, to facilitate rapid creation, integration and porting of local applications, the ET4500x can actually replace PCs in numerous applications.



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