Magnatronix 4000 Print/Server Interface
Magnum Code V and Printronix® IGP Solutions

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Magnatronix 4000CT, 4000N and 4000A

PLEASE NOTEThe CableNet Magnatronix Printer Interface has been discontinued. The replacement product for these is the ATC CodaJet XP Print Server.   Please click here to be taken to the ATC CodaJet XP page.


The MAGNATRONIX 4000 allows QMS Magnum Code V or Printronix IGP/PGL to be printed on standard laser and matrix printers.

Previously, in order to print barcodes and labels using Magnum Code V or Printronix IGP graphics languages (click here to see coding examples of both), users had to choose from a group of line printers with proprietary internal graphics cards on Printronix line printers that are no longer supported.

The Magnatronix 4000 can drive impact printers up to 1800 lpm and laser printers up to 30 ppm.

The MAGNATRONIX 4000 attaches to the parallel port of the printer and offers a variety of host connectivity options, including parallel, RS-232, IBM Twinax/coax, and ethernet 10baseT.

Ordering Information:

  • 4000-A Centronics Parallel and RS-232 Serial connections.

  • 4000-CT Twinax, Coax, Centronics Parallel and RS-232 Serial connections.

  • 4000-N Ethernet 10baseT, Centronics Parallel and RS-232 Serial connections.

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Example of Code V (VGL)

^M0101007^T0140Carolina Mirror, N. Wilkesboro, NC

Example of IGP (PGL)


Example of label generated by the Magnatronix


Technical Specifications

Impact Printers: Epson, Proprinter, and P-Series. Will support printers up to 1800 lpm.
Laser Printers: PCL-4, PCL-5 and higher. Drives up to 30 ppm.
Thermal Printers: Thermal printers with PCL-5, such as the 
Intellibar family of printers by Intellitech International, Inc.

Ordering Information

Magnatronics 4000 - ASCII

Parallel or Serial RS232
CAB4000CT Magnatronics 4000 - Twinax/Coax Twinax or Coax
CAB4000N Magnatronics 4000 - Ethernet 10BaseT RJ45


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Click here for more information on the Magnatronix 4000



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