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3XTWIN 5250 PCI Emulation Card
 for Windows Vista & XP Emulation

ES/PCI - A PCI Twinax Emulation Kits with All the Great Features of the 3XTwin on a  PCI Card for Windows XP and Vista

PLEASE NOTE: The NLynx ES/3XTwin ISA Emulation Kit is a discontinued product. The current products are the NLynx USB Twinax Emulation Kit and the NLynx ES/PCI PCI Twinax Emulation CardPlease click on the above links to be taken to the page for each.



  • Built on NLynx's proven Twinax 3XTWIN technology

  • Can be installed in any PC with a full height PCI expansion slot available (not PCIx)

  • Plug and play

  • Easy configuration

  • Full Featured 5250 Display and Printer Emulation

  • Supports 64-bit and 32-bit Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7 when used with
    OmniTerm/ES Emulation Software

  • Includes drivers for the support of IBMs Client Access.

Click here to receive more information on the NLynx ES/PCI 5250 Emulation Kit

The Andrew / Emerald 3XTWIN 5250 Emulation Kit was the standard for IBM Midrange PC connectivity for years and years. The 3XTWIN has a history that dates back to the 1980s, something no other card can say.  The PCI version, the ES/PCI brings that history forward with an updated version for all versions of Windows including XP

ES/PCI provides 5250 display and printer emulation and convenient Twinax access to your iSeries AS/400, Advanced 36 and System 36.

If you are integrating new faster and more powerful PCI-based PCs into your environment, ES/PCI is your most cost-effective, high-performance connectivity solution!

ES/PCI PCI Twinax Adapter for 5250 Terminal and Printer Emulation

ES/PCI is a hardware/software package that provides powerful, flexible local 5250 terminal and printer emulation for any Windows environment. By using a PCI slot, you can link PCs via Twinax or UTP to an IBM System/36, Advanced Series/36, or AS/400, to emulate a variety of 5250 terminal types and IBM midrange printers.

Based on PCI bus technology, ES/PCI can be easily installed in the latest and fastest PCs, using true plug-and-play technology.


  • Plug n Play. ES/PCI card supports PnP configuration to automatically select the appropriate IRQ and IO address, eliminating configuration headaches.

  • Multiple session support. A single PC can run seven sessions concurrently. S/3X data entry, batch processing, print jobs, and PC resident software can be run simultaneously.

  • Printer options. Choose from a variety of popular printers supported by the PC. Up to three printers are supported at any one time, each running independently while another host or PC application is active.

  • Hotspots identify host menu items. Host menu items and function keys can be assigned colors. Employ this aesthetic and intuitive approach to locate them quickly and easily.

  • Keystroke memory and playback (macros). Predefine keystrokes for automated sign-on, repetitive data entry, or unattended operation. Store as many as 2,048 keystrokes in up to 24 keyboard macros.

  • ETU file transfer support. ETU, an industry standard from Decision Data/NLynx, allows direct file transfer between the PC and System/36, Advanced Series/36, or AS/400.

Additional Features

  • Drop-down menu support using mouse button.

  • Keyboard mapping allows easy reconfiguration to support existing keyboards.

  • Advanced printer support includes Autorotate, Autosize and Host Transform functions. Direct-connect or network-attached printers.

  • Custom tool bar allows users to create their own easy-to-use buttons for frequently used items, including macros.

PC System Requirements

  • PCs with 486, Pentium or higher processor

  • CD ROM drive

  • Hard disk with 6MB space available

  • PCI expansion slot

  • Minimum of 4MB of memory

  • Windows Vista, XP, 2000, 98, or 95

IBM Devices Support

  • Host Displays (80 or 132 column, mono or color):
    525111; 52911,2; 52921; 31792; 31802; 3196all; 3197C,D

  • System Printers:
    3812, 5219, 4214, 4210, 5225, 5224 or 5256

The ES/PCI Package:

  • ES/PCI Twinax Adapter Card

  • 32-bit emulation software (CD ROM)

  • Twinax T-Connector

  • Quick Installation & User Guide (on CD)

Part Number:

Item Order Number

Manufacturer's Part Number

ES/3XTwin NLY3XTWIN 301-9073-04
ES/PCI NLY-ES/PCI 301-9606-01


One-year limited warranty.

To view the spec sheet on this product, you may download the following Adobe PDF file: NLYESPCI.PDF

Related NLynx Products

  • ETU File Transfer Utility: File transfer utility that resides on the S/3X or AS/400 and provides menu-driven options for transfer and translation of data between the PC and host.

  • NEW!!  USB Twinax: USB attached Twinax Emulation Kit for 64-bit and 32-bit Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and XP. 

  • NEW!!  OmniTerm/ES 5250 Emulation Software -  5250 Emulation Software for TCP/IP TN5250 connectivity.  Also works with ES/PCI Twinax Emulation Card. This is the upgrade for ES/TCP TN5250 Emulation Software.  Works with ETU File Transfer Software

  • ES/PCI PCI EMULATION CARD: 5250 PCI Emulation Card for Windows 8 & 7 (32-bit and 64-bit), 95/98/2000/NT.  Requires OmniTerm/ES 5250 Emulation Software.

  • ES/Remote™: Software and hardware combination that allows users dial-up remote access to an IBM Midrange System. Works in conjunction with NLynx’s Axcess/400™ Remote Access Unit. Also available for Macintosh and DOS users.

  • ES/Server™: Low-cost gateway, connecting via Twinax to an IBM Midrange to share seven emulation sessions (per adapter) over an Ethernet or Token Ring LAN.


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NLynx ES/PCI 5250 Twinax Emulation Kit



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