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P8205     500 lpm
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P8215    1500 lpm
P8220   2000 lpm
P7000   Cabinet
Pedestal Models
P8005     500 lpm
P8010    1000 lpm
P7000   Pedestal
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Cartridge Ribbon for
Printronix P8000 and P7000

Printronix Spool Ribbons for
P7000 and P5000 Matrix Line Printers

Why Printronix High Impact Spool Ribbons?

 You rely on high impact printing to get the lowest cost of any print technology. That’s why we still support our legacy products with quality supplies. Our legacy high impact printers and ribbons continue to deliver significant cost savings, and are formulated for high yield, dark, or high definition barcode and text printing.  Click here if you need Cartridge Ribbons for your Printronix P7000 and P8000 Line Printers.

P7000 Spool Ribbons

The P7000 line matrix ribbon family gives you choices to suit your budget and print volume.

Printronix highly reliable line matrix printing ribbons give P7000 users the lowest cost per page, darkest print and longest life. These ribbons contain the necessary ingredients to be read by infrared OCR and barcode scanners, and produce sharp high-contrast barcodes and text. Priced to match your print volume and budget, the new ribbon packages offer more options for cost-effective purchasing.

  • Ultra Capacity – This ribbon has been the gold standard for years and continues to offer the same benefits as before.  It is a workhorse solution for most report and label printing applications.
  • Ultra Capacity Plus – These ribbons offer the lowest total cost of printing, longest ribbon life and fewest user interventions. This ribbon is designed for higher-use customers in manufacturing, back office applications and any application using high-volume batch printing.
  • One ribbon for both cabinet and pedestal models

P5000 Extended Life Text Ribbons

Best for report printing or text printing applications:

  • Optimized for the Printronix print mechanism
  • Easy mount ribbon spools

P5000 Extended Life Barcode Ribbons

Best for barcode and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) printing aplications:

  • Optimized for the Printronix print mechanism
  • Easy mount ribbon spools

P5000 Gold Series and Gold Series Plus Ribbons

Single Ink formulation provides optimal images for both text and barcode printing eliminating the need to purchase and inventory two separate ribbons. Advantages:

  • Reduced printer wear and maintenance
  • Optimal fabric design and ink chemistry for the Printronix print mechanism

Gold Series 2000 Ribbons – P5220, P5224

Formulated specifically for the hammerbank technology used in the P5220. The ribbons offer all of the features of the Printronix Gold Series ribbons plus:

  • Unique patented fabric, ink formulation, and construction optimized to match the dual hammerbank technology
  • Designed for optimum performance at 2000 LPM high speed printing

Specialty Ribbons

Printronix provides ribbons to meet the needs of all your specialty applications. These ribbons are manufactured to the same exacting specifications as other Genuine Printronix ribbons. Options include security and label ribbons.

Click here if you need Cartridge Ribbons for your P8000 or P7000 Line Printer

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Extended Life
Cartridge Ribbon

Printronix Extended Life Cartridge Ribbon, 4 pack
Yield 30,000 pages -  for P8000 and P7000 Line Printers (1000, 1500 and 2000 LPM models).
EXCEPT 500 line per minute models
4 Pack $ 224.00

Standard Life
Cartridge Ribbon

Printronix Standard Life Cartridge Ribbon, 1 pack
Yield: 17,000 pages - for P8000 and P7000 (500, 1000, 1500, 2000 LPM models). Yield 17K pages
1 Pack $    59.00

Extended Life HD
Cartridge Ribbon

Printronix Extended Life HD Cartridge Ribbon, 4 pack
Yield: 34,000 pages - for P8000HD and P7000 HD OpenPrint models.
PLEASE NOTE: Only for OpenPrint "HD" Models, not standard models
4 Pack $  224.00

Ultra Capacity
Spool Ribbon

Printronix P7000 Ultra Capacity Spool Ribbon, 6-Pack
Yield: 90 million characters - 13,000 pages, Text and Barcode applications.
Fits all Printronix P7000 Models - Cabinet or Pedestal
Models: P7000/ P7005/ P7010/ P7015/ P7205/ P7210/ P7215/ P7220
Spool Ribbon Models
6 Pack $  219.00

Label Ribbon
Spool Ribbon

Printronix P7000 Label Ribbon, 6-Pack
Yield: 65 million characters, Text and Barcode applications, Label Ribbon.
Fits all Printronix P7000 Models - Cabinet or Pedestal
Models: P7000/ P7005/ P7010/ P7015/ P7205/ P7210/ P7215/ P7220
Spool Ribbon Models
6 Pack $  217.00


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