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Replacement 122-Key Keyboards
for Computer Lab (CLI) and Decision Data Twinax Terminals

122-Key Keyboards for Your Computer Lab International (CLI) and Decision Data Twinax Terminals


High quality, direct replacement keyboards for most models of  IBM InfoWindow Twinax Display Stations and Decision Data terminals and the IBM "Thin Client" Network Station are now available, with a one year warranty. 

Click here For 122-key keyboards for IBM InfoWindow Twinax Terminals..

Click here For 122-key iSeries AS/400 style keyboards for PCs.

Please see the models below for the terminal you are looking for.

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DESCRIPTION - Keyboards for IBM InfoWindow Terminals



Replacement Keyboard for IBM InfoWindow Twinax Terminals  - 102 key enhanced layout with an RJ-45 connector. Works with IBM 3476, 3477, 3486, 3487, and 3488 units.
Same as Affirmative 1026 keyboard.

$ 119.00


Affirmative 1226T Keyboard
Replacement Keyboard for IBM InfoWindow Twinax Terminals 
- 122 key keyboard with an RJ-45 connector. A virtually identical, direct replacement for the 122 keyboard supplied with IBM 347X and 348X

NOTE:  Also for use for InfoWindow 347X/3486 Coax Terminals when you use your existing keyboard keycaps.

$ 139.00


1226T Keyboard with Shipping Charges to Germany
Replacement Keyboard for IBM InfoWindow Twinax Terminals 
Quantity 1 Affirmative 1226T Keyboard with U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail Express International shipping charges to Germany included
Shipping Charges to Germany included

$ 222.00


DESCRIPTION - Keyboards for CLI and Decision Data Twinax Terminals



Affirmative 1226N & 1226NB Keyboards
Replacement Keyboard for I-O Corporation, CLI, and Decision Data Twinax Terminals 
- 122 key keyboard with a PS2 style connector. Some brands may require the included PS2 to AT Style Connector. 
Click here for more information on what models are available for  CLI, Decision Data, I-O, Neoware, and Wyse Replacement Keyboards

$ 139.00

Click Here for more information on Affirmative Replacement 122 Key Keyboards

The 1226 units are terminal keyboards and do not include PC key captions or NUM, CAP, SCROLL indicator lightsThese new keyboards should not be confused with model 1045, 1221, 1225, and 1229 keyboards which are 5250/PC or 3270PC keyboards.



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