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Twin Data Corporation is a company that provides multi-vendor hardware solutions with extensive experience in midrange communications, connectivity and peripheral solutions for the IBM System i, Power Series, iSeries AS/400 and System z, z Series S/390 3270 computing environments.

The company was started in 1992 using fifteen years of experience (1977 to 1992) with Decision Data (the leading manufacturer of plug compatible peripherals for the IBM midrange system environment) as the foundation for the company's direction.  We have selected those companies and products we can stand behind that will provide the appropriate solution to our customers' individual requirements.


Our physical address, mailing address and e-mail contact information is further down on this page.

The product areas we focus on are:

Thin Client Terminals with CE, Windows 10 (IOT) and Linux.  5250 & 3270 terminal emulation built in

5250 & 3270 terminal emulation for Twinax, coax and TCP/IP

Twinax, Coax and Ethernet Thin Clients

Scanners, wedges, RF data collection, bar code label printers, etc.

Ethernet, Twinax, Coax and Parallel Connected Printers (IPDS, matrix, IPDS and label)

Twinax-to-IP, Twinax, Coax, TCP/IP, AFP/IPDS and Reverse Protocol Conversion (Twinax and Coax to Parallel) Printer Interfaces

TCP/IP and SDLC Remote Controllers for Remote AS/400 Communications over Frame Relay Networks, LAN/WAN/VPNs, Point-to-Point, and Internet 

TCP/IP based emulation products for AS/400 connectivity over Ethernet,  Twinax, and Internet


Contact Information


  • 800-597-2525 (U.S. and Canada)

  • 908-688-8100 (International)


  • 908-688-8160

Physical Address

  • 1025 Commerce Ave., Union, New Jersey 07083

Mailing Address

  • 1025 Commerce Ave., Union, New Jersey 07083

E-Mail Address



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