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TXP Lite & CXP Lite
Twinax / Coax Interface for PC Parallel Printers

I-O 8220 Test TextConnect Your Parallel Interface Matrix or Barcode Label Printer to your IBM iSeries AS/400 or zSeries S/390 Over Twinax

:  The I-O Corporation TXP Lite+ and CXP Lite Printer Interfaces are no longer manufactured.   Please call us at (800)597-2525 to discuss availability and other suitable printer interfaces and print servers.
  The direct replacement for the CXP Lite Coax-to-Parallel printer interface is the Axis AX-7 Cobra.  Please click here to be taken to the AX-7 Coax Printer Interface page.


The I-O TXP Lite and CXP Lite Print Boxes are the most economical and hassle-free external connectivity solutions for dot-matrix printers on the market. The I-O Print Box TXP Lite and CXP Lite offers these features:


  • Attaches virtually any dot-matrix PC printer with a parallel port to an IBM AS/400, System/3X, or 3270-type mainframe host, or to a controller.

  • Setup is quick and easy via the mouse-supported PC setup software, through Host/PC download commands.

  • Comes with the industry's best 4214, 5224/25/56 Twinax and 4214, 4224, 4234, 3287/68/62 Coax printer emulations (all non-IPDS)

  • Supports APF/BGU printing across all IBM matrix printer emulations.

  • Comes with drivers for a wide variety of popular dot-matrix PC printers including Epson and IBM dot-matrix, and a generic driver.

[Twinax Features][Coax Features][Specifications][Benefits]

If you need integrated printer sharing and would like to use a parallel laser printer, please click on the link here for information on the more fully featured TXP+ and CXP+ Lite Printer Interfaces.

IBM Features

Twinax AS/400

  • Attaches to IBM AS/400 or System/3X Hosts, or 5X94 Controllers

  • Supports IBM 4214, 5224/25/56 Printer Emulations

  • Supports APF/BGU printing across all IBM matrix printer emulations.

Coax 3270

  • Attaches to IBM 3270-Type Hosts or 3174, 3274, 3276 Control Units

  • IBM 3287, 3262, 3268, 4214-1, 4224 (all SCS) Printer Emulations

  • LU3 (DSC) and LU1 (SCS) Mode Printing

  • IBM RPQ Options Supported

  • FMH Data Stream Supported

Additional Features



Low Capital Investment

Add a host printer while leaving money in the budget for other purchases.

Configuration Through Mouse Driven PC Software or Host/PC Download Commands

Conveniently customize the I-O Print Box from a PC or from the host system

True IBM Printer Emulations

Replace IBM system printers without re-writing existing applications.

Excellent Printer Drivers

Enjoy reliable performance from virtually any dot-matrix printer.

I-O Command Pass-Thru™

Access all programmable functions of the attached printer such as bar codes, fonts, etc.

Standard Connectors and Cables

Gain flexibility and save money by using standard cables from your printer shop "down the street." (Parallel printer cable is supplied.)





Host Systems

Twinax (5250) or Coax (3270)


IBM Twinax (TXP Plus) or Coax (CxP Plus) to Centronics parallel


9V wall mount transformer


Temperature: +40 to 110 F (+5 to 42 C)
Relative humidity: 20% to 85%
Optimum: 70 +/- 15 F (24 +/- 8 C)


FCC A; CISPER 22 class A

Ordering Information

Item Number

Host Connection Printer Interface

Twinax 5250



Coax 3270


PLEASE NOTE:  The TXP Lite and CXP Lite Printer Interfaces have been discontinued.
The replacement product for these printer interfaces is the
TXP+ and CXP+ Lite Printer Interfaces.
Please click here to be taken to the 4430 Printer Interface page.


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Twinax and Coax Printer Interfaces


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