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SuperStar/400Plus & SuperStar/500

Twinax Wiring Products


Intelligent 5250 Star Repeaters and Multiplexers
For Category 5 and Fiber Cable Installations


SuperStar/400plus and SuperStar/500PLEASE NOTE:This is a discontinued product and is no longer manufactured.
The IBM 7299 Active Star Hubs are the replacement products.
Please click here to be taken to the IBM 7299 Active Star Hub page


The NLynx SuperStar series of repeaters and multiplexers create dependable, star-wired System i, i5, iSeries AS/400 and System/3x networks, supporting Type 3 unshielded twisted pair (UTP), Cat 5, and fiber optic cabling.


  • The NLynx SuperStar/400 and SuperStar/500 Series are intelligent 5250 star repeaters and multiplexers that give you the flexibility to support all of your 5250 cabling applications, and transform your Twinax cabling into a cost-saving UTP star-wired network.
  • Automatic polarity and detection correction. With the Superstar/400 and SuperStar/500, you no longer have to hunt down the reversed wiring pair in the network or know the polarity of a Twinax balun. The Nlynx SuperStars use patented technology to automatically detect and correct reversed polarity per port.
  • True repeater functionality. The SuperStar/400 and SuperStar/500 amplify, regenerate, reshape, and retime each 5250 signal, ensuring the signal is in top condition for the greatest transmission distances and reliability.
  • Superior data integrity. The SuperStar Series features digital phase lock loop (DPLL) circuitry, developed by NLynx. DPLL maintains the integrity of the 5250 pass-through data stream by synchronizing to incoming data frames from 1Mbps to 1.0368Mbps, and a specialized noise reduction circuitry is provided to ensure a reliable connection between host and devices.
  • Sync bit regeneration. The repeaters and multiplexers not only regenerate the five (5) sync bits, they regenerate the complete 5250 frame synchronization sequence to ensure proper 5250 communication between the host/controller and your Twinax devices.
  • SuperStar/500 multiplexing capabilities. The SuperStar/500 is switch selectable to operate in mux/demux and star modes. In mux mode, the SuperStar/500 supports up to eight common host/controller ports and multiplexes them into one pair of unshielded twisted pair cable, Twinax, or a duplex multimode fiber optic cable. In star mode, the SuperStar/500 allows up to seven devices to be independently connected to a host/controller port over UTP or coax cabling. To increase distances between the host and Twinax peripherals, two SuperStar/500s can be daisy-chained (cascaded) together with fiber optic cables. In campus environments, the fiber option can save the user the cost of a controller, dedicated phone lines, and other related hardware.

Additional Features

  • Choice of single or dual host port chassis models.
  • Up to seven devices may be independently connected to a host/controller port over UTP cabling.
  • Two SuperStars can be daisy-chained together with fiber optic cables.
  • All RJ-45 ports on the SuperStars are user configurable and support a variety of cabling applications.
  • Each host/controller port and device port have corresponding LEDs to indicate data status on that line.

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Indicators:   1 red/green LED for each controller port; 1 red/green LED for each device port, 1 LED to indicate power

Connectors:  UTP Cable required. UTP: Type 3 Level 4 or 5 (9562 Belden or equivalent) or Twinax (dependent on host configuration)

Fiber (for SuperStar/500 models): Duplex fiber 50/125, 62.5/125, 85/125, 100/140 .

Polarity:  Automatic detection and correction per port

Date Rates:  Twinax configuration: 1Mbps-1.0368Mbps.

Power:   115/220 VAC, switch-selectable on all models; 6 watts power consumption.

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