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Refurbished IBM 6400-P50
500 LPM Matrix Line Printer - All Configurations Available

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IBM 6400 Matrix Line Printers

Please Note:  The IBM 6400 Family of Matrix Line Printers is no longer manufactured and no new replacement parts are available.  The Printronix P8000 Series is the direct replacement for this line. The Printronix P7000 Series and IBM/InfoPrint 6500 Series are also available as refurbished direct replacements for these printers.


Installing a refurbished 6400-P50 High Speed Matrix Line Printers offer the latest in line matrix technology while providing a very economical printing solution. (Click on Picture for specifications)

The 6400 Series is the replacement printer for older Decision Data 6600 series printers, Genicom, Memorex and Tally line matrix printers.

You can often replace an existing printer that has a problem with a refurbished 6400-P50 for the cost of an IBM service call.

Other models of the 6400 offer print speeds of 500 lpm to 2000 lpm, interfaces, configurations and options make the 6400 series a true investment in your printing needs for today and tomorrow.

There have been several series of the 6400 Matrix Line Printer.  The 6400 is only available as a refurbished printer.  The 6500 Series is the most current release of this workhorse Matrix Line Printer.  Click here to be taken to the 6500 page.

Purchase On Line / Ordering Information

Contact us at (800)597-2525 or (908)855-8100 for current pricing and shipping charges.

IGP, VGL and Magnum Code V Graphics support are available as an option.

Item Number



IBM6400-P50R IBM 6400 500 LPM Matrix Line Printer
Pedestal Model - Refurbished
Included Interfaces - Parallel, Serial

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IBM6400-P50R-E IBM 6400 500 LPM Matrix Line Printer
Pedestal Model - Refurbished
Included Interfaces - Ethernet, Serial
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IBM6400-P50R-EI IBM 6400 500 LPM Matrix Line Printer
Pedestal Model - Refurbished
Included Interfaces - Ethernet, IPDS Serial
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IBM6400-P50R-TC IBM 6400 500 LPM Matrix Line Printer
Pedestal Model - Refurbished
Included Interfaces - Twinax/Coax, Parallel, Serial
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IBM6400-P50R-TCE IBM 6400 500 LPM Matrix Line Printer
Pedestal Model - Refurbished
Included Interfaces - Twinax/Coax, Ethernet, Serial
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IBM6400-P50R-TCEI IBM 6400 500 LPM Matrix Line Printer
Pedestal Model - Refurbished
Included Interfaces - Twinax/Coax, Ethernet, IPDS, Serial
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  • Flexibility - 500, 1000, 1500 and 2000 LPM Speeds

  • Multi-platform compatibility - Twinax, Coax, LAN, RS6000, ASCII, Wireless Ethernet

  • Fully Enclosed Quietized Cabinet or Easy Access Pedestal Models


Advantages and Features

The 6400 family of line matrix printers support multiple data streams: IPDS (Intelligent Printer Data Stream), Twinax/Coax SCS, Ethernet and ASCII. Users can choose from a variety of models and configurations to meet system and user requirements and applications. If system requirements change, users can select from an extensive array of options to support expanded requirements. (Click on Picture for specifications)


The 6400 series has the flexibility and forms handling capability to support multi-part forms, financial reports, invoices payroll information and program listings. The quiet operation of the fully enclosed models and the flexibility of the pedestal models allow users to match printers to the environment

  • Four print speed choices of 500, 1000 ,1500 and 2000 LPM

  • Multi-part forms and reports

  • Twinax and Coax units include an ASCII emulation port

  • Fully Quietized cabinet or pedestal models

  • Optional Internal Ethernet Attachment


IBM’s 6400 printers offer a wide selection of optional features to provide the AS/400, iSeries and 3270 users ASCII, SCS or IPDS emulations to satisfy their needs.  These are great replacements for existing older products such as the 4234, 5224 and 5225s or new printer requirements without concern. The optional IPDS, QMS or IGP graphics features options enable expanded print functions such as bar codes, forms overlays, and expanded characters to enhance printed output.

  • Multi-platform support:  iSeries, AS/400, 3270, RS/6000, AS/36, System 36 and LAN

  • Multiple data stream support capability: ASCII, Ethernet, Twinax/Coax or IPDS

  • QMS or IGP graphics options


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6400 Printer Specifications 

IBM 6400 Print Speeds
Maximum Print Speed (lpm) 500 LPM
1000 LPM
1500 LPM
2000 LPM
Fast draft mode: 500 1000 1500 2000
DP mode: 375 750 1125 1500
NLQ mode: 200 400 600 842
IBM 6400 Print Options
Vertical spacing: 3, 4, 6 or 8 lines per inch, or as selected by host
Horizontal spacing: 10, 12, 13.3, 15, 16.7, 18 or 20
characters per inch

IBM 6400 Paper Specifications

Continuous form width:  3" to 17" (with tear strips)
(7.6 cm to 43.2 cm); when using rear exit, the maximum
is 16 inches
Continuous form length:  3" to 24" (7.6 cm to 61 cm)
Number of copies: One to six-part forms
Forms adjustments & handling:

Horizontal and vertical fine-scale forms adjustments

Dual-position lid to allow quick access to forms or
stacking of forms

View function for print verification

IBM 6400 Optional Graphics Features (Printer Emulations)
IGP Printronix Emulation
Code V Printronix Emulation

IBM 6400 Printer Emulations


Epson FX 1050

IBM Proprinter? III XL

Printronix P-Series and P-Series XQ Variant

Printronix Serial Matrix



Twinaxial IPDS: IBM 4234-008, 4234-012

Twinaxial non-IPDS: IBM 4234-002, 5225-001, or 5225-004

Coaxial IPDS: IBM 4234-007, 4234-011

Coaxial non-IPDS: IBM 4234-001 or 3287-001

ANSI 3.64

Telnet 3270/5250

IBM 6400 System Attachments
Standard (ASCII)

iSeries (AS/400?) using the ASCII Workstation Controller port on 9402(except Model Y10), 9404 and 9406

3197, 3477, 3486/87/88 Terminals (parallel port only)

3174 Controller (Asynchronous Emulation Adapter)

ES/9370™ using the ASCII Subsystem

Micro Channel? 370 using ASCII serial or parallel port

RISC System/6000? using ASCII serial or parallel port

LAN Connections to Token-Ring and Ethernet via
the Network Print Server feature

IBM PCs or PS/2?s using the ASCII serial or parallel port

IBM-compatible PCs using the ASCII serial or parallel port

Non-IBM Systems using the ASCII serial, Ethernet or parallel port

Optional (Twinaxial, Coaxial)

AS/400 using the Twinaxial Workstation port on
models 9402, 9404 and 9406

Advanced 36? using Twinaxial Workstation Controller

System/36™ using Workstation Controller port on
models 5360, 5362, 5363 and 5364

5394 and 5494 control unit using Workstation port

3174 Controllers (Release 3.0 or higher)

ES/9370, ES/9000? Processors using the Workstation
Subsystem Controller port (FC 6020 or 6120)

S/390? Parallel Transaction Servers via 3174 Controller

IBM 6400 Physical Characteristics 

i5P /i1P
i05 / i10
i15 / i2s
Model i2s
with Stacker
Width: 24.6" (62.5 cm) 27" (68.6 cm) 27" (68.6 cm) 27" (68.6 cm)
Depth: 20.7" (52.6 cm) 29" (73.7 cm) 29" (73.7 cm) 32.8"(83 cm)
Height: 35" (88.0 cm) 42.5" (108 cm) 42.5" (108 cm) 42.5" (108 cm)
Weight: 120 lbs. 
(54.4 kg)
225 lbs.
(102 kg)
225 lbs.
(102 kg)
237 lbs.
(108 kg)

IBM 6400 Power Requirements

100/120/220/240 VAC nominal, 50/60 Hz

268 watts maximum ECMA 132 (i2s at 220 VAC.
For all other models, watts

ENERGY STAR? compliant

IBM 6400 Environmental Conditions

And i5P
Model i10
And i1P
Model i15 Model i2s

Relative Humidity:

15% to 80% Relative Humidity
Temperatures: 50 degrees to 104 degrees F
(10 degrees to 40 degrees C)
Acoustics:    Cabinet
50 dBa
62 dBa
50 dBa
66 dBa
52 dBa
55 dBa

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