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Printer Interfaces & Protocol Converters

Twin Data has extensive experience with iSeries AS/400 and zSeries S/390 Print Servers and Printer Interfaces to let you use any PC style printers such as Okidata, Epson, Hewlett-Packard, Lexmark, Thermal Printers and any other brands as direct connections to your Power 8, Power7,  and any iSeries AS/400, AS/36, System/36 or zSeries S/390 3270 environments.

For a diagram on printer connectivity, click here.

Call us now with your specific needs at (800)597/2525, or click here to request additional information Printer Interface and Protocol Converters for Twinax, Coax, and TCP/IP Printing .


Click here to go to the CableNet products page for information on their IPDS/AFP, SCS, IGP and Magnum Code V Twinax and coax printer interfaces for HP, Lexmark, Epson, Thermal Bar Code Printers and others.  Internal and External models available.

Click here to go to the Computer Lab International 5488 Modular Twinax Terminal page for information on the System Addressable Parallel Printer Port on all CLI Twinax Terminals.

Click here to go to the Custom Business Link products page for information on their IPDS/AFP over TCP/IP solutions for Matrix Printers and Zebra Printers.

Click here if you have TCP/IP connected printers configured with Remote Out Queues and wish they could be controlled like Twinax Printer devices with full Print Queue controls like multiple copies and page range printing.

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Click here to for Axis' 5570e AFP/IPDS TCP/IP Print Server for the AS/400 and Mainframe environments.


Click here for information on I-O Corporation's IBM iSeries Midrange and zSeries Mainframe TCP/IP Print Servers  for HP, Lexmark, Epson, Thermal Bar Code Printers and others.  TXP+ Twinax Interface for Parallel Printers Complete IPDS Printer Connectivity for your Laser Printers, Digital Copiers and MFPs with the 5735e, 5755e and 5765e Print Server Gateways.


Click here to go to Praim's Twinax and coax printer interfaces.  SCS and IPDS/AFP printer interfaces.

Printer Types and Interfaces we offer

  • Matrix Line Printers - SCS and IPDS Data Streams

  • Laser Printers - PCL, SCS, IPDS Data Streams

  • Thermal Printers - Zebra, Datamax, Sato, etc.

  • IPDS Protocol Converters

  • Twinax & Coax Interfaces for ALL parallel printers

Click here to contact us with your requirements for Printer Interface
and Protocol Converters for Twinax, Coax, IPDS and TCP/IP Printing



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