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ET3000 Thin Client Terminals
ET3000w Windows Based & ET3000b Browser Based

A Low End Thin Client Terminal PERFECT
for use as an
Ethernet Terminal for Attachment
to your iSeries, AS/400 & Mainframe over TCP/IP

PLEASE NOTE: The ET3000 has been discontinued. It may be  available as a refurbished product on an "as available" basis. The current replacement product  is the AG7000 Thin Client Terminal.  If a Centronics Parllalel Printer Port is needed, the IA8600 Thin Client Terminal is the alternative product.


The ET3000w is a Windows CE.NET Operating System Based Terminal that offers simplified support and fast access to Windows applications on servers. This thin client provides flexibility with terminal emulation for IBM iSeries, AS/400, zSeries mainframe, and Unix driven offices. (Click on picture for technical specifications)

The ET3000 is a great option for use as a low cost 5250 or 3270 Ethernet Terminal like it's "little brother" the ET2000 Ethernet Terminal. Multiple Display sessions can be configured as well as system printer session via it's parallel printer port.

The ET3000 can be configured to act as a "Dumb Ethernet Terminal" just like the ET2000.  They can be configured to automatically boot up to a 5250 or 3270 sign-on screen. 

You can see this in the CLI YouTube Video "5250 Autostart MT2301" at the link directly below:

This video applies to all CLI CE.NET based Thin Client Terminals, whether the be CE4, CE5 or CE6.

When combined with a 122-key 24-command key keyboard you have a perfect "dumb terminal" Ethernet replacement for either Twinax or Coax terminals.

Click on the image above for a larger picture of the Affirmative 122-Key Keyboard for CLI Terminals

The ET3000w connects to a host server via Ethernet, Fast Ethernet network or dial-up. Featuring Windows CE operating system in a powerful 233Mhz processor and 32MB RAM platform that includes audio/video, and Serial/Parallel/USB ports, the ET3000w is high performance support for Windows applications and multimedia functions.

With built-in TN5250e, TN3270e, VT100, VT220 terminal emulations, the ET3000w provides versatile multi-host and multi-session display and printer emulation connectivity to IBM iSereis, AS/400, zSeries, mainframe, and Unix hosts.  Terminal sessions run locally and directly communicate with the host via TCP/IP protocol, creating uninterrupted access to the host applications. 

Click here to receive more information on the CLI ET3000 Thin Client Terminal

Featured Highlights

  • Ethernet, TCP/IP Connectivity

  • Windows CE Operating System

  • Support for 122-key iSeries/zSeries type Keyboards

  • TN5250e, TN3270e,VT100, VT220 Terminal Support

  • Local Boot

  • Access to Web Browser and E-mail

  • Local or Remote Access

  • Multi-host, Multi-session

  • Flash Software Update

  • Centralized Management

Centrally controlled, and managed by network administrators, this thin client device supports management and troubleshooting tools for timely problem solving. Configuration and updates to the ET3000w are performed via Intranet or Internet for increased management efficiency as well as cost effective operation.

A local web browser providing direct access to the Internet will be included in a new enhanced model (Available upon release of browser for Windows CE).

ET3000w & ET3000b Specifications  

Feature Description / Specifications

Cyrix Media GXLV 233MHz Processor
8MB (16MB on model with local browser) Flash Memory Expandable To 144MB
32MB SDRAM Expandable To 128MB

Operating System

Microsoft Windows CE

Sever Operating System Support

Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 - Terminal Server Edition
Microsoft Windows 2000
Citrix WinFrame. Citrix MetaFrame.

Terminal Emulation Support

5250 Midrange Terminal - iSeries and AS/400
3270 Mainframe Terminal - zSeries, S/390 and Mainframe
ASCII Text Terminal (Unix VT100, VT220)

Local Browser Support
(Available on ET3000b Only)

Frames, Tables, Cascading Style Sheets, JScript, DHTML, JPEG, Animated GIF and WAV files

Communication Protocols

MS RDP/Citrix ICA3
TN5250e, TN3270e, VT-100, VT-220


10/100 Base-T Fast Ethernet
Firmware updates from Network

Display and Voice Support

Up To 1280x1024 SVGA 16 To 256 Colors

Refresh Rate

Flicker-free, 60 - 85Hz

Video Memory

Graphics Utilizes System RAM

Audio Support

Full 16 Bit Stereo FM Synthesis. 8 Bit Mini Microphone in.

Communication Ports
Serial Port

DB-9 RS-232C Up To 115.2K Baud

Parallel Port

DB-25 Centronics PC Compatible

USB Port

2 USB Ports

Audio Port

Audio Out. Microphone In.

Keyboard and Mouse Support
Interface Ports

Enhanced PS/2 Keyboard and PS/2 Mouse interface

Keyboard Types

101-key, 102/103-key, 122-key, 101-key with mag-stripe reader and wedge decoder, 122-key with mag-stripe reader and wedge decoder

Language Support

U.S. English, U.K. English, Italian, French, Austrian/German, Scandinavian, Spanish, Japanese/Kana, Korean, Traditional Chinese/ Simplified Chinese.
Additional languages upon request

Physical Specifications

5 cm (2 in)
28.5 cm (11.25 in)
24 cm (9.5 in)
1.5 kg (3.3 lb)


Operating : 5?C to 40?C (41?F to 104?F)
Storage : -40?C to 60?C (-41?F to 140?F)
Convection cooling (no fan)

Relative Humidity

20% to 80% non-condensing

Power Requirements

100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Regulatory Compliance

FCC Class A, UL, CE, T?


3 year hardware replacement

ET3000 Thin Client Terminal Information Request Form

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ET3000 Thin Client/Ethernet Terminal



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