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MT2361 Wireless Thin Client Terminal
Thin Client with CE.Net or Linux OS with RDP and ICA


Compact Wireless Thin Client Terminal
for Virtual Desktop Environments, and for IBM Power8, Power7 and all iSeries, AS/400 and z14, z13, zSeries S390 System Connectivity

PLEASE NOTE: The MT2300/2301 Line of Thin Client Terminals has been discontinued.  It may be  available as a refurbished product on an "as available" basis. The current replacement product for the AG6601 is the AG7000 Thin Client Terminal.  If a Centronics Parllalel Printer Port is needed, the IA8600 Thin Client Terminal is the alternative product. 

MT2361 Wireless Thin Client Terminals

  • Ideal for basic, task-oriented applications such as terminal services and Twinax/Coax "green-screen" terminal Replacement

  • With CLI's Device Manager, gets employees up and running in seconds

  • Operates in local mode or as a stateless, locked-down client

  • Easy setup and access to remote applications with CLI's Device Manager

  • CE5, C6 and CLI's Thin Linux Operating Systems

  • Internal 802.11 B/G Wireless


CLI's most simple and cost effective Thin Client Line. Experience desktop-like performance in task-oriented work environments.

Featured Highlights

  • Take out of the box, attach to the network, and configure automatically using CLI's Device Manager (included). No need to buy or install new management software or new servers.

  • Built-in Wireless - 802.11 Wireless B/G

  • CLI's user interface provides easy access to remote applications. Run with settings stored locally, or run in a ?stateless? Zero Client mode.

  • Store critical data and applications on your secure, centralized server. Lock down user settings and
    parameters on the client, or add smart card authentication.

  • RDP and Citrix ICA protocols to access Windows Terminal Server applications

  • Multiple terminal emulations, including IBM 5250,
    3270, 3151; Wyse WY-50, WY-60;DEC VT-100, VT-420; to access midrange , mainframe, UNIX and other legacy applications. Multiple simultaneous session support to increase productivity.

  • Small footprint or zero footprint via flexible mounting options for space constrained environments.  VESA compliant monitor/wall-mount system.  Sturdy metal enclosure, and no fan or other moving parts mean quieter operation and higher reliability, lower ownership costs, and extended product life.

  • Optional 122-key Keyboard to provide "no re-training" required migration to Ethernet connectivity from legacy "green screen" Twinax and Coax Terminals.

    Click on the image above for a larger picture of the Affirmative 122-Key Keyboard

If you need WES (Windows Embedded Standard) or XPe (XP Embedded), or if you need legacy ports such as Parallel and multiple PS/2 ports, please visit the pages for the ST5600 Thin Client.

Centrally controlled, and managed by network administrators with the SNMP Administrator Management Software, the MT2300 offers increased management efficiency as well as cost effective operation all with minimum bandwidth utilization and impressive speed.

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Warranty Information:

3-Year CLI Warranty on NEW AG6601 / AG6661 / AG7000
90-Day Twin Data Warranty on MT1500 / MT2300 / MT3500 Logic Module
1-Year Warranty on NEW 122-Key Keyboard
3-Year Warranty on NEW LED/LCD Monitor

Download the Computer Lab International (CLI) MT2361 Datasheet


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MT2361 Wireless Thin Client Terminal


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CLI MT Series Thin Client - New - 03201


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