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  ST6800 Thin Client Terminal
WES, XPe and Windows CE 6.0 - Dual Video Ready

An Advanced Thin Client Terminal for All Desktop Environments as Well As Your IBM Power Systems over TCP/IP

lease Note: The ST6800 and ST6860 have been discontinued but ARE available as a refurbished product. The current replacement product  is the AG7000 Thin Client Terminal.  If a Centronics Parllalel Printer Port is needed, the IA8600 Thin Client Terminal is the alternative product.


The ST6800 Series is a powerful and affordable thin client that delivers the performance and expandability you need. With its dual-video capability built in, the ST6800 enables task workers to work across dual monitors without a splitter cable.

An extremely efficient virtual desktop appliance, the ST6800 is powered by a VIA EdenC7 processor at 1.6GHz. The ST6800 brings outstanding performance unmatched by industry competitors, as well as device flexibility. This high performance solution brings not only the power, but also the form factor needed for high paced environments. VESA mounting options offer a zero desktop footprint solution making deployment in space constrained situations effortless.

An optional Integrated wireless 802.11b/g/n Wi-FiTM feature (model ST6860) provides mobility and wireless performance that is the best in the thin client market. The ST6800 is a universal hardware platform with universal image support for Windows Embedded Standard, Windows CE 6, or Linux out of the box. Citrix, Microsoft, VMWare, Quest and CLI TermPro clients are all standard, as an IE7. In addition, CLI?s Device Manager software is included with each device, making simple and powerful management a reality. The ST6800 combines strong power, performance and flexibility while maintaining efficient power consumption.

Windows XPe (Windows XP embedded) is available as well.

Featured Highlights

  • Integrated VGA and DVI video ports no video splitter cable needed

  • Mid-range CPU provides hardware flexibility with an efficient price point

  • Optional Integrated wireless 802.11b/g/n Wi-FiTM

  • Zero footprint / VESA compatible or vertical mounting options

  • Flexibility to embed customer selected Windows Apps

  • Industry-standard Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard (WES), XP Embedded SP2 FR1 (XPe), Windows CE.NET 6, or Embedded Linux (coming soon)

  • Enhanced video including high resolution wide-screen monitor support

  • CLI SNMP Administrator Management software is included with every unit. Rapidly deploy, configure, provision and maintain all models of CLI thin clients, wired or wireless.

  • Optional 122-key Keyboard to provide "no re-training" required migration to Ethernet connectivity from legacy "green screen" Twinax and Coax Terminals.

    Click on the image above for a larger picture of the 122-Key Keyboard

Click here for more information on the CLI ST Series of Thin ClientTerminal


User productivity is enhanced by eliminating any learning curve and costs associated with PC products. Centralized management of individual units better utilizes support and help desk assets.

Cost Savings

Eliminates 5x94 remote controllers by using an inexpensive network router. You can also eliminate your SNA WAN and use TCP/IP thereby reducing communication costs. Plus, no per seat license cost.

As with all of CLI's Thin client Terminals and Modular Twinax Display Stations, you select from a wide array of keyboard and monitor styles for individual application or user requirements.  Whether you need a compact terminal with a 9" monitor and compact keyboard, or a large screen LCD model, CLI can provide the proper terminal for your particular requirement.

Click here for more information on the CLI ST Series of Thin ClientTerminal

Download the Computer Lab International (CLI) ST6800 Datasheet

ST6800 / ST6860 Hardware Specifications

Model ST6800X / ST6860X ST6800H / ST6860H
Operating System  Microsoft Windows Embedded
Standard (WES)
XPe available
Windows CE 6
Processor VIA EdenC7 - 1.6GHz VIA EdenC7 - 1.6GHz
Memory 1gb Standard - expandable to 4gb 256mb Standard expandable to 1gb
Flash (Storage) 1GB Standard  expandable to 2GB 128MB Standard  expandable to 2GB
Network Auto sense 10/100/1000BaseT twisted pair Ethernet, RJ 45 connector, Wake On LAN

Optional Integrated 802.11 b/g Wireless (ST6560X and 6560H))

Wireless 802.11b/g/n

Model ST6860X

Model ST6860H

I/O Ports

1 Serial Port - DB9 RS 232C

4 USB 2.0 - Type A

2 PS/2 Ports - one for Keyboard, one for Mouse

1 Mic-in jack

Video VX855-based Chrome9 HCM 3D graphics core
High Definition video processor with VMR capability
Audio Full 16 bit stereo FM synthesis, stereo line out, 8 bit mini microphone line in
Physical Specifications

Dimensions: 1.4 in / 3.5cm (W) x 5.6 in / 14.2cm (D) x 8 in / 20.5cm (H)

Weight: 1.4 lb

VESA 100 compliant mounting holes (opiton monitor mounting screws available)

Built in Kensington Security slot (cable not included)

Optional monitor arm or wall mount adapter

Metal shielded ASB plastic enclosure


Operating temperature: 0░ C to 40░ C (32░ F to 104░ F), Storage temperature: 40░ C to 60░ C ( 41░ F to 140░ F

Relative humidity: 20% to 80% non condensing

Power requirements: 100 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Convection cooling, no fan

Regulatory Compliance FCC Class B ROHS CE Mark UL, T

ST6800 / ST6860 Software Specifications

Model ST6800X/ST6860X ST6800h/ST6860H
Operating System 

Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard (WES)
XPe available

Microsoft Windows CE 6


Microsoft RD .x
X Client
VNC (Remote Shadowing)
Provision Networks
VMware View
Web Browser

Microsoft RD .x
X Client
VNC (Remote Shadowing)
Provision Networks
VMware View
Web Browser

Terminal Emulations

IBM TN5250e, TN3270e, 3151
DEC 100/220/320/420
Wyse WY50/60, XDMCP optional SSH/SSL available

Web Browser

Internet Explorer 7 including Flash and Shockwave playback,
PDF file viewer, MSJVM, Windows Media Player, full plugin and Active X support

Windows CE Internet Explorer 7 Web Browser , including DHTML, P3P, pop-up window blocker, and locked-down kiosk mode

Email Client

Via local browser or Outlook Express

Via local browser

Other Features

Thin Print available via download
Supports optional Castles Technology EZ100 smart card reader via USB or serial
Special builds available via download (i.e. Kiosk, .Net, IE7 and others)
Elo and Microtouch touch screen support
Integrated 802.11 b/g wireless (ST6560)

Enhanced printing

Windows X printer support all features
User installable printer drivers

AS400 / iSeries / 5250, Mainframe/3270
Compatibility with many barcode printers
Universal printer support via local LPD
client and host LPR
SerialD w/ network to serial port redirection


Multiple levels of security including user lock-out and multiple built-in user Shell environments

Remote  Configuration /

CLI SNMP Administrator software, including configuration and image updates, shadowing, asset management, automatic
patch support

CLI SNMP Administrator software, including configuration and image
updates, shadowing, asset management, registry edit, Eboot for flash disaster

Server Operating System Compatibility / Support

Microsoft Windows Server 2008, 2003, 2000, Windows NT 4.0, Terminal Server Edition; Terminal Services
CitrixApplication Delivery Infrastructure including XenApp and XenDesktop, Access Suite?, MetaFrame?, WinFrame
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) support: vmware VDM*, Provision VAS*, Ericom WebConnect* and others via browser and JVM (* all clients not supported on all platforms)
UNIX, Linux, IBM OS/400, i5/OS, OS/390, z/OS


English (US), Spanish (MX), Italian, French, Canadian French, Chinese, Austrian / German, Scandinavian, Spanish, Japanese / Kana, Korean

Network File Transfer Protocols

TCP / and UDP , all XP supported protocols

Download the Computer Lab International (CLI) ST6800 Datasheet

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CLI ST6800 Series Thin Client Terminal



Click here for more information on the CLI ST Series of Thin ClientTerminal



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