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TwiNet SNA Gateway 
Twinax to TCP/IP Gateway for AS/400 and S/3X

Connect PCs On Your Ethernet Network to a Twinax Connection on an IBM iSeries AS/400 or AS/36

PLEASE NOTE The TwiNet SNA Gateway is no longer manufacturedIt may be available on a refurbished basis.  Please contact us by clicking here regarding your application and requirements.  One replacement product is the NLynx USB Twinax Emulation Kit and is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7.  Please click here to be taken to the USB Twinax page.


The TwiNet SNA Gateway provides a simple solution for connecting Twinax IBM AS/400 and S/36 systems to your Local Area Networks (LAN).  With a simple Twinax connection to your host system, and a 10/100mb Ethernet connection to your LAN, you can give PC users anywhere on your network full access to your host system as a Twinax terminal Click here or on the picture at right for a connectivity diagram of TwiNet.

A simple way to look at the TwiNet SNA Gateway is as an "External Twinax Emulation Kit" that can be shared by up to 7 PCs simultaneously.

It is fully compatible with Windows 8 and Windows 7 64-bit and 32-bit.

CompuMaster has provided this solution that gives you a low cost SNA/LAN solutions for Printing, Terminal Emulation, and Data Exchange in your host/LAN mixed communication environment with TwiNet.  You can also use multiple TwiNet gateways to control multiple AS/400 or LPAR System Consoles over your TCP/IP network.  

If you need to control multiple AS/400s or LPARs , click here for information on our Multiple System Console Solution (MSCS).

Featured Highlights

  • Allows any Personal Computer or TCP/IP Client to be connected with any IBM System S/3X, AS/400 and Remote Control Units such as 52xx, 53xx and 54xx or compatibles

  • Connects to the IBM Host with standard Twinax Cable or CAT5 cabling with Baluns

  • Supports up to seven Twinax Display or Printer sessions (Addresses 0 through 6) on your LAN PCs with the included TwiNet Gold Client Software for each TwiNet Gateway installed

  • Connection to any Network PC on your Ethernet LAN

  • Fully Compatible with Windows 8 &7 64-bit and 32-bit, Vista, and XP

  • Built-in Web Server for easy installation, configuration and monitoring

  • Manage all TwiNet's on your local LAN with the Network Manager administrative software

Click here to receive more information on the TwiNet SNA Twinax-to-IP Gateway

TwiNet Connectivity Diagram

TwiNet Installation example The picture on the left shows a standard TwiNet installation. The IBM Host can be any S/3X, AS/400 or Remote Control Unit with a Twinax attachment installed. TwiNet can be installed either close to the Host or close to the Clients, using the existing Twinax or RJ45 CAT5 cabling, very good for long distance connection (up to 5000 feet).

To view the Data Sheet on TwiNet SNA to Twinax Gateway 
click on the link to the right: TwiNet Data Sheet

TwiNet allows any IBM System i, i5, iSeries AS/400 or S/3X with Twinax, or Remote Control Unit with Twinax attachment installed to be connected with PCs on your LAN. TwiNet is able to distribute up to seven (7) 5250 Display and/or Printer sessions to these PCs. The included TwiNet Gold Emulation Software provides the link from the PCs to the TwiNet over the network.

TwiNet will connect to the TwiNet Gold Client installed on any PC using Windows 7 (64- and 32-bit), Vista, and XP.  More technical information is available at the following page: TwiNet Data Sheet

Download the TwiNet Twinax SNA Gateway Data Sheet

Technical Specifications



Operating System

PC Side: 

Windows 7, Vista, 98, 95, 2000, NT, ME

Host Side side:

AS/400 - Any Model with Twinax Support

Advanced Series/36:  All

System/36:  All



1 RJ 45 10BaseT, 100BaseT (auto-sensing)
Twinax Y-Cable with Cable-thru capability for connection to Twinax Host Port


Power, Link, 10/100, Check, Alert, Packet and Collision.

Main Power 

100-240V AC 50-60Hz



1.85 in. /  

 47 mm


8.66 in. / 

 220 mm


5.7 in. / 

 144 mm


1.65 Lb. /  0.75 Kg.

Temperature and
Relative Humidity

50░ F to 104░ F (10░ C to 40░ C)
8% to 85%


CE ?EN 55022 ? EN 50082-1 ? FCC Class A


One Year 

Click here for More Information on the TwiNet Multiple System Console Solution

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TwiNet Gold Terminal Emulation Software for  SNA Gateway (Twinet-100 SNA Gateway)
Includes TwiNet Gold Terminal Emulation Software and TwiNet SNA Gateway User Guide

$ 129.00


TwiNet SNA Gateway (Twinet-100 SNA Gateway)
One (1) Twinax Host Connection
7 Twinax Device Addresses
1 required for each i5, iSeries AS/400 or LPAR host port connection

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for availability



Download the TwiNet Data Sheet

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