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High Availability for Power10, Power9, Power8, Power7, Power6, i5
and All iSeries & AS/400 Users with Twinax Devices

The Best Way to Keep Twinax Users Working
Is With a Pure TCP/IP Controller

In most disaster recovery scenarios these days TCP/IP is the protocol of choice for switching between machines. Most solutions to switch users from the primary AS/400 to the back-up AS/400 require that the IP address under which the AS/400 appears be changed. For example, say that the production AS/400 has IP address, while the back-up AS/400 normally uses In the event of a disaster, the back-up AS/400 switches to All the PC users using TN5250 do not have to change their settings; they simply restart their sessions and sign back on.

What Happens to Twinax Users?

In the same scenario, Twinax users suffer a harsher plight. During disaster recovery the local Twinax users can be left without any access to the back-up AS/400. Remote Twinax users usually can be switched over using some scripts on the AS/400, however is often a challenge.

Is There a Better Way?

IP-based Twinax controllers like the I-O Corporation Xip+ Twinax Controller and the BOSaNOVA eTwinax Controller can easily switch between AS/400?s because they treat Twinax users the same way they treat the PC users, once the session is reset. Once the Xip Controller is connected to the back-up iSeries, the users can sign right back on.

What About Locally Attached Twinax Users?

Even locally attached Twinax users can work in this fashion, using the Xip+ Twinax Controller or the eTwinax Controller series. These controllers are designed to work in a local Twinax environment. The local Twinax cables connect to either of these Twinax Controllers in place of the local Twinax controller resident in the AS/400. The Twinax Controller connects over the Ethernet network to the Power8, Power7 or any model AS/400 with their integrated 10/100 MHz Ethernet connections, ensuring fast response times. You simply switch the Twinax Controller to the back-up AS/400.

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