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Xip Twinax Controller

Support up to 14 Twinax Devices
Over Any TCP/IP Connection

PLEASE NOTEThe Xip Twinax Controller has been upgraded
and is now the Xip Plus Twinax Controller.
You will be taken to the Xip Plus page in a few seconds.
Please click here to be taken to the Xip Plus Twinax Controller page.

Connects Twinax Displays & Printers
 to the System i, i5, Power7, Power6, Power5 & iSeries AS/400
via an Ethernet LAN


The I-O Xip Twinax Controller connects IBM and IBM compatible Twinax display stations and printers to an AS400-iSeries-System i host via TCP/IP over an Ethernet LAN. The Xip is ideal for those who are migrating their AS/400-iSeries to any Ethernet environment.


  • Connect Reliable Twinax Displays and Twinax printers to IBM Hosts over any TCP/IP or Ethernet LAN / WAN / VPN

  • Eliminates the need for expensive IBM Twinax Work Station Controllers

  • IP Replacement for Twinax Remote Controllers - In locations requiring remote access, the I-O Xip replaces expensive remote controllers

  • Connects over ANY IP Connection - No need for high-priced leased lines or expensive DSU/CSU modems

  • No re-cabling - continue to utilize existing Twinax or twisted pair cabling

  • Explicit Device Names - use the same device names you are currently using

  • Share Printers with Up to 4 Systems or LPARs - connect the same Twinax Printer to multiple systems

  • Two Models Available:
    XIP-7 - Support for 7 Twinax Devices (up to 28 logical sessions)
    XIP-14 - Support for 14 Twinax Devices (up to 56 logical sessions)

  • Connect to Multiple Hosts - Supports connection up to four (4) IBM Power9, Power8, Power7, or any iSeries AS/400 hosts (V3R2 or higher)

  • Supports Multiple Protocols -  TN5250e, SNA and AnyNet

  • Easy to install

  • 3-Year Advanced Exchange Warranty (North America)

  • Product Comparison - click here for competitive comparison

Click here for more information on the Xip Controller
Click here to download the Xip Controller Datasheet


? General
    - Attaches up to 14 Twinax displays and printers

    - Star Panel compatible 

    - Supports up to 4 hosts

    - Allows up to 4 sessions per Twinax address

    - Supports TCP/IP (TN5250e, AnyNet)
      and SNA protocols

• Host Systems and Requirements
    - AS/400-iSeries-System i
    - OS400 V3R2 and newer
    - TCP/IP
    - Telnet services

• Display Stations
    - All 5250 Twinax display stations
    - Display model type is matched to Telnet
      5251-11, 5291-1, 5292-2,
      3180-2, 3179-2, 3196-A1, 3477-FG,
      3477-FC (InfoWindow II and Extended
      Character Attributes not supported)

• Printers
    - All 5250 SCS and IPDS Twinax printers
    - TN5250e – host configures all SCS printers
      as 3812-1  
    - AnyNet – host recognizes the printer’s model
    - SNA – host recognizes the printer’s model

• Data Streams
    - TN5250e, auto configuring local and remote
      connectivity (SCS)
    - AnyNet, auto configuring local and remote
      connectivity (IPDS and SCS)
    - SNA, auto configuring local connectivity
      (IPDS and SCS)

• Network
    - 10/100 BaseT auto-sensing
    - TCP/IP (TN5250e, AnyNet)
    - DHCP client
    - SNA (APPC)
    - Ethernet (IEEE 802.2, 802.3)

• Ports
    - RJ45 for Ethernet

    - Xip-14 - Two Twinax Host Ports

    - Xip-7   - One Twinax Host Ports

    - DB25 parallel for diagnostic printouts

• Approvals
    - Logic Unit – FCC 15, CE
    - Power Supply ? UL, CE

• Power Supply
    - Logic Unit – FCC 15, CE

    - Power Supply ? UL, CE
    - Input – 110 to 240 volt AC

• Physical
    - 17 in. x 6.5 in. x 1.75 in

    - 19 in. wide with rack mount "ears"

    - Weight - 5 lbs.

    - Temperature range:
+40 to 100 F (5 to 42 C)

    - Relative humidity:
 10% to 90%, non-condensing

Click here to download the Xip Controller Datasheet

Product Comparison -  Xip-14 compared to the e-Twinax Model 4693 and 4610 /4614

See the chart below to see how the Xip-14 compares to the e-Twinax Controller Models 4693,  4610 or 4614.

Twinax Ports / Sessions


e-Twinax 4610/4614

Xip 14

Xip Benefit

Number of Twinax Host Ports





Twinax Addresses Supported





Display Sessions per address




Connect to up to 4 host systems with a single Twinax Address

Total Display Sessions Supported




More display sessions available

Supports Display Stations and Printers





Configuration Method




Manage Multiple Controllers in Same Configuration Window

Supported Protocols





TCP/IP Yes Yes Yes  --
ANYNET No No Yes IPDS Support without the need for PSF/400 option
SNA (local only) No No Yes Better support for  printers
IPDS Support without PSF/400 No No Yes Can support IPDS without costly PSF/400
(approximately $ 2500.00)


Product Line Introduction 1999 1999 2009 Newer technology and readily available components
Rack Mountable Yes Yes Yes  --
Rack Size 1U 1U 1U  --

Warranty / Support


Standard Warranty

1-Year 1-Year 3-Year Standard Warranty is 2 years longer than eTwinax
Upgrade to 3-year Warranty $ 650.00 (Approx.) $ 650.00 (Approx.) n/c No additional charge for 3-year warranty


Web Pricing $ 1900.00
$ 2800.00
$ 1895.00 Approximately $ 600.00 less than eTwinax 4610, with 3-year warranty included
Price with 3-Year Warranty $ 2550.00 (approx.) $ 3450.00 (approx.) $ 1895.00 Approximately $ 1200.00 less than eTwinax 4610 with  additional charge for 3-year warranty.



Additional Features


Investment Protection When installing an Ethernet LAN that is attached to an AS/400–iSeries, reliable Twinax displays and IPDS/SCS printers can operate in the new Ethernet environment maintaining the usefulness of the equipment
Eliminates the Need for Twinax Work Station Controller A significant saving is realized by installing an I-O Xip Twinax Controller instead of an expensive IBM Twinax Work Station Controller
No IBM Remote Controller Required When remote access to an AS/400–iSeries is required, an expensive IBM or IBM compatible remote controller is replaced by an economical I–O Xip Controller
No Leased Lines or Expensive Modems When communicating to a remote site, there is no need to spend valuable resources on high-priced leased lines and special modems.
No Re-cabling The I-O Xip allows Twinax displays and printers to be connected to existing Twinax or twisted pair cabling eliminating the expense of re-cabling
Multiple Protocols Supports the auto configuring TN5250e and AnyNet for remote locations or SNA for a local attachment
Multiple Host Supports up to 4 hosts
Multiple Sessions Up to 4 sessions per physical device address can be configured – Up to 56 logical sessions supported

Click here for more information on the Xip Controller

Ordering Information

Item Number



XIP-7 Twinax Controller - Supports up to 7 Twinax Devices
One Twinax Host Port
3-Year Warranty Standard


XIP-14 Twinax Controller - Supports up to 14 Twinax Devices
Two Twinax Host Ports
3-Year Warranty Standard

Click here to download the Xip Controller Datasheet


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