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I-O 8320 Twinax Interface
Internal Twinax Interface for Epson Printers (Type B)

PLEASE NOTE The 8320 Printer Interface has been discontinued.
The direct replacement product is the I-O Corporation TXP+ Twinax Interface.
Please click here to be taken to the TXP+ Twinax Interface page.


The I-O 8320 Internal Printer Interface Card allows EPSON printers, including the DFX-5000+, with a slot for optional interface cards (C82305/C82306)to be attached to an IBM AS/400 or System/3X host. (Click on Picture for specifications)

The I-O 8320 offers true IBM printer emulations including 3812-1 (non-IPDS), 4214 and 5224. When using an EPSON laser printer with data or word processing applications, Computer Output Reduction (COR) and Automatic Page Orientation (APO) can be used to print reports on letter size paper.

The I-O Command Pass-ThruTM feature allows complete access to all user-programmable printer features. The printer sharing port on the interface card is auto-switching, offering intelligent Host/PC printer sharing and maximum printer flexibility.

IBM compatible printing, PLUS additional features provide significant cost savings over traditional Twinax printing.

Click here for more information on Twinax and Coax Interfaces

IBM Features

  • Attaches to AS/400 and System/3X

  • Supports AS/400 OfficeVision

  • Supports DisplayWrite/36 and Text Management/38

  • Supports IBM 5219 Emulation for Multiple Font Changes

  • IBM 3812-1 (non-IPDS) Computer Output Reduction (COR) and Auto Page Orientation (APO)

  • Supports 15 Languages

  • Auto DP ModeTM for Data Processing Reports

Additional Features



IBM Compatibility

Complete IBM compatibility for 3812-1 (non-IPDS), 5219, 4214-1, and 5224 printer emulations.

Easy Installation

Host configuration "on the fly" by using command streams to the printer. Push- button configuration allows setup of the interface without being connected to the host.

Host Download Commands

Command streams can be embedded within a document or program.

EPSON Printer Support

Supports EPSON FX-870, 1170; DFX-5000+; LQ-570/570+, 870, 1070/1070+, 1170; DLQ-2000/3000; EPL-400, 41/42/4300, 5000, 52/5600, 8000, 8100, 9000, STYLUS 1000; SQ-870, 1170; Action Printer 5000/5000+, 5500, and Action Laser II, 1000, 15/1600.

Intelligent Host/PC Sharing

Attach a PC and a Host to the same printer. Automatically monitors both input lines for data and selects the next incoming stream without user intervention

I-O Command Pass-Thru™

Allows user access to all programmable printer functions.

Custom User String

Allows the user to assign commonly used printer commands to simple identi fiers which can be sent to the printer prior to printing a document.

Cancel/No & Test/Yes Push Button

Provide optional manual response in push button setup mode.



Feature / Description

Host Systems

IBM AS/400 and System/3X


IBM Twinax to EPSON Type B interface


Supplied by the printer


Temperature: +40░ to 115░ F (+5 to 45░ C)
Relative humidity: 20% to 80%
Optimum: 70░ +/- 15░ F (24░ +/- 8░ C)

Special order

Mini-Centronics parallel cable for printer sharing available at additional cost



Click here for more information on Twinax and Coax Interfaces



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