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LAN-RPC+ (LANRPC+) Twinax-to-IP Print Server
Connect 1 Twinax Printer To Your iSeries Over IP

Connect Your Twinax Printers
to IBM Power9, Power8, Power7 and all iSeries AS/400s* Over IP


The I-O LAN-RPC+ Twinax-to-IP Print Server connects any Twinax printer over IP to any new IBM Power9, Power8, Power7 and all models of Power Systems, iSeries or AS/400s over IP.   You can continue to use the investment you have in your existing Twinax printers.


The LAN-RPC+ is the replacement for the original LAN-RPC. and supports the connection of 1 Twinax Printer over an IP connection.  If you need to connect more than 1 Twinax Printer or have Twinax Displays you need to connect as well, the Xip+ Twinax Controller will be the better option for you.  There are models that will support from 7 to 42 Twinax Devices/Addresses.


You simply connect your Twinax printer directly to the I-O LAN-RPC+. and connect the LAN-RPC+ to your network as with any print server.  With the LAN-RPC+ your printer will have the same Print Queue control you have now with the printer connected directly via a Twinax connection.  The attached printer can be any Twinax laser, dot-matrix, line printer or thermal label printer.

Line and matrix printers connected with TN5250e IP Protocol, AnyNet or SNA on an AS/400 offer page range printing support and posting of the FORM ALIGNMENT messages. The latter is a particularly valuable feature when printing on pre-printed forms or stationary such as checks and invoices.


With I-O?s Configuration Utility, the initial setup and configuration is a painless and straight forward task. Once an IP address has been assigned, administrators can easily configure multiple I-O print servers directly from their desktop.   These can be locally or remotely attached.


*Note:  Must have OS/400 V3R2 or higher.

Click here to download the LAN-RPC+ Datasheet


Features Benefits
Investment Protection Reliable and expensive Twinax printers are given a new lease on life by connecting over IP Ethernet.
Auto-configuration SNA and AnyNet protocols allow the AS/400 to automatically recognize Twinax attached SCS printers.
TN5250e, AnyNet and SNA Support Page Range Printing and form alignment messages for line and matrix printers.
PPR/PPD AFP/IPDS printers are connected to the host via true TCP/IP protocol.
Configuration Utility Simple configuration of the LAN-RPC+ from a PC on a local or remote network.
10/100BaseT Auto-Sensing Automatic adaptation to your network speed requirements.
FLASH Memory Convenient field-upgrades to take advantage of the latest enhancements.

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LAN-RPC+ Twinax-to-IP Print Server


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Click here to download the Xip+ Controller Datasheet


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