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I-O PrintBox RPC
Reverse Protocol Converter - Convert Twinax/Coax to Parallel

I-O 8220 Test TextThe I-O Print Box RPC protects your investment in IBM system printers when migrating to LAN, UNIX, or other ASCII environments.


The reverse protocol converter interfaces between the attached Twinax or coax IBM (or compatible) system printer and a LAN, RISC/6000, or other ASCII-based host system.

The I-O Print Box RPC supports Epson FX or IBM Proprinter data streams at over 1,500 lines per minute (LPM). The integrated LCD front panel allows user-friendly customization, as well as status monitoring. The I-O Print Box RPC also offers a unique diagnostics port for quick problem resolution and configuration review using the additional ASCII printer port.

Introduce your system printer to the I-O Print Box RPC. Together, they can handle heavy-duty print jobs at a fraction of the cost of a new printer.

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IBM Features

  • Attaches to IBM 4234, 4224, 4214, 5256, 5224/25/56, 5219, and other SCS printers via Twinax cable.

  • Attaches to IBM 4224, 4214, 3287/68 and other SCS printers via coax cable.

  • Supports IBM Proprinter and EPSON data streams

  • Multiple Applications

  • Supports Large ASCII Print Jobs

Additional Features

Features Benefits

IBM Compatibility

Seamless connectivity to attached IBM (or compatible) system printers. The I-O Print Box RPC understands the limitations of your IBM printer and automatically ignores ASCII commands which are not supported by an IBM printer.

Integrated LCD Front Panel

Easy configuration and status monitoring through the integrated LCD front panel.

IBM Proprinter or Epson FX Data Streams

Supports the two most popular ASCII printer data streams for worry-free printing from the ASCII host

Fast Print Speeds

Supports print speeds of over 1,500 lines per minute (LPM) for full utilization of the attached system printer.

Parallel or Serial Connectors

Convenient attachment of ASCII hosts through standard parallel or serial cables.

Unique Diagnostics Port

Quick problem resolution, troubleshooting, and configuration review using the additional ASCII printer port.

RPC Specifications 



Host Systems



Centronics parallel or RS-232 serial to IBM Twinax or coax


9V wall mount transformer


Temperature: +40░ to 110░ F (+5 to 42░ C)
Relative humidity: 20% to 85%
Optimum: 70░ +/- 15░ F (24░ +/- 8░ C)


6 1/2" x 2 1/8" x 5 1/2" (16.5 x 5.4 x 14 cm)


FCC A; CISPER 22 class A


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