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Keyboard for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) with Specialized Key Caps
3270/PC 122-Key Keyboard for PCs & Thin Client Terminals

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) 122-Key
3270/PC Keyboard with FAA Specialized Key Caps
For PCs and Thin Client Terminals


This 3270/PC 122 key keyboard is specifically manufactured for use by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The numeric keypad (at right) matches the numeric keypad on old coax terminals manufactured by Visara and others.

This  keyboard will work with any PC or Thin Client Terminal.  It is driverless keyboard, enabling it to be integrated smoothly in all operating systems and Terminal Server, VMware or Citrix environments. 

As a result, older, dedicated coaxial connected terminals can be replaced without losing o the true terminal-style productivity.

This 122-key keyboard provides a seamless transition from "dumb terminal" green screen terminals such as the IBM InfoWindow 347X, 348X and compatibles from Decision Data, Idea, Memorex, Telex, and Visara.

Click on image above for large image of keyboard.

These "clicky" keyboards are mechanical keyboards using an IBM designed key mechanism referred to as "buckling spring" (illustration at right).

The image above shows this clearly as well as a number of the 3270 keys only the 122-key keyboards have such as F13 thru F24, Dup, PA1, FldMk, PA2, Enter, Rule, etc.  Also, this keyboard has other 3270 keys like ErEOF, ExSel, CrSel, Attn, and Clear that are not in this image. Click on the image above for a larger image of this keyboard.


This keyboard works perfectly in both the PC and Thin Client environments.

Any keys that have different functions are labeled with both functions. The PC key functions are labeled in black.  Any 3270  functions that are different from the PC key function are labeled in blue.

Main Benefits

  • Works flawlessly with both embedded and VMware, Citrix or Windows Terminal Server applications, since it also emulates 104-key keyboards

  • These 122-key keyboards are driverless, enabling them to integrate smoothly into any operating system environment

Supported Environments

  • PCs - Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Linux

  • Thin Clients - Win10 IoT, Windows Embedded Standard WES8, WES7, WES, XPe, CE.NET, Linux

  • VMware, Citrix and similar programs

  • Terminal Services


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TDFAA5A Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) PC/3270
122-Key Driverless Keyboard - USB
For PCs and Thin Client Terminals
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Federal Aviation Administration 3270/PC 122-Key Keyboards


Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) 3270/PC 122- Key Keyboard forPCs and Thin Client Terminals

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