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The Praim TT-7150 Terminal
iSeries Twinax Terminal and Thin Client Terminal in One Unit

5250 Terminal Supporting both Twinax and Ethernet Connectivity, Connects to all IBM 5250 systems - Twinax or TCP/IP based. Includes standard Thin Client connectivity

PLEASE NOTEThe TT-7150 Twinax/Thin Client Terminal has been discontinued. The NLynx USB Twinax Emulation Kit is a replacement solution for this requirement. Please click here to be taken to the USB Twinax page or call us at (800)597-2525 to discuss other "Twinax-over-IP" Display Session options.

Product Overview

  • Using the native Praim emulator, it is possible to connect to IBM AS/400 systems emulating all common IBM terminal types - 5251, 5291, 3196, 3180-2, 3477-FG, and 3477-FC. Additionally, the emulator supports Split Screen, Hot Spots, and Macros. 

  • The printer session supports IBM 5256, 5224, 5225, 4214, 4234, and 5219-D emulations. It also supports continuous feed, drawer selection, envelope, manual, and duplex functions.

  • Configuration of the device is simple and quick. Configured sessions can be automatically started when the device is powered on as in standard Twinax terminals.

  • TT-7150 also supports TCP/IP Ethernet display and printer sessions, which can be used simultaneously with Twinax connections. This allows support of legacy Twinax devices while also providing a standard, up to date, Ethernet connection.

  • TT-7150 is equipped with a standard parallel port for local printing, either as a System Addressable Printer or a local screen printer. It also includes native ICA and RDP clients making it possible to access Microsoft Terminal Servers and Citrix applications.
    TT7150 also includes an IE 6.0 browser allowing it to access web applications and/or data. The Praim IE 6.0 integration implements ?Pop-Up? and tab management for simple navigation of multiple browser windows. 

Click Here for more information on the Praim TT-7150 Twinax/Thin Client Terminal


Twinax direct attachment to IBM i5, iSeries, AS/400 and Compatible Remote Control Units via Twinax and Ethernet attachment to TCP/IP Networks.




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