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Equipment Trade-Ins & Trade-Ups

As an equipment dealer in the IBM Midrange environment, Twin Data has the ability to re-market older midrange equipment to our customer base and maintenance companies.   Equipment you may think has no value may actually be of value.  Why let equipment sit idle when you can convert it's value into something useable.

Below are a few benefits of trading in your older equipment and unused equipment.

Key Benefits

  • Convert unused equipment into needed new equipment.  You can always recycle it AFTER you call us, but you can't call us about it if you don't have it.  It's worth a call.

  • Reduce maintenance costs and down time by replacing older high maintenance equipment with new and get new warranties and reduced maintenance rates of newer technology equipment

  • Get new capabilities that your older equipment does not have such as New Printers with IPDS Graphics Printing for Bar Coding and Labeling, Thin Client Terminals to replace older Twinax Terminals, and
    Twinax-to-IP Controllers for supporting Twinax Terminals and Printers over IP.

Call us at (800)597-2525 to discuss the equipment
you want to trade-in and trade-up to.


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