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The EBOX-M Print Server
IPDS  Print Server for Matrix Printers

Turn Your Epson, Lexmark and OkiData Matrix Printers into Full Function iSeries / zSeries
IPDS Matrix Printers

The EBOX-M is a discontinued product.  The alternative add-on to allow Ethernet Matrix Printers to communicate as true IPDS Printers is OnePrint G2 IPDS Print Server Software.  Please click here to be taken to the OnePrint G2 IPDS Software page.


The EBox (matrix) from CSP GmbH allows a line or dot-matrix printer with EPSON or IBM Proprinter emulation to be seen as an IBM 4224 IPDS printer over a TCP/IP Ethernet LAN.  This provides for a simple migration path from Twinax to Ethernet while maintaining full printing functionality and control.

If you need AFP/IPDS capability for Zebra or Eltron Printers, click here.

The IBM Ethernet connection to the AS/400 or iSeries host provides the same full error reporting and printing control as a Twinax printer.

The EBox also supports printing from UNIX, Windows and Novell hosts, allowing the printer to be shared by everyone on the network.

The TCP/IP address is set through the LCD front panel. Additional configuration can be done through the front panel or via a web browser. On-board flash memory allows for easy field-upgrades to ensure continued compatibility with future OS/400 and printer releases.

Click here to receive more information about the EBox for IPDS Printing over TCP/IP

eBOX Specifications 

eBox - Matrix Printer eBox - Zebra  Printers
Ethernet Port: 10BaseT, 100BaseT (auto-sensing) same

Supported Protocols: AS/400: 

TCP/IP (PPR/PPD, requires PSF/400) same
LAN (Unix, Novell, Windows):  TCP/IP (LPR/LPD), IPX/SPX, NetBIOS w/IP  same
Printer Port: Centronics parallel (IEEE 1284)  same

Supported Printers:

Line and dot-matrix printers (9, 18, or 24 pin) with IBM ProPrinter or Epson Emulation and a special set up selection for the IBM 4247 printer. 203 dpi Zebra printers with ZPL II emulation

OS/400 Compatibility: 

V3R1 or later  V3R7 or later 
IPDS Emulation: IBM 4224 IBM 4312, 4028, 3812-2

IPDS Compatibility: 

All towers supported (except vector graphics and downloaded & scalable fonts that cannot be processed properly by the attached printer)  Push button front panel with two-line, 16 character/line LCD display or Internet Browser (after an IP address has been assigned using front panel) 


Push button front panel with two-line, 16 character/line LCD display or Internet Browser (after an IP address has been assigned using front panel)  same

Physical Details: 

Size: 6.6"x3.8"x1.4" Wt.:1.4 lbs. Power: 12 VDC 800ma wall power supply same

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