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LAN-RPC IP Print Server
Connect a Twinax or Coax Printer To Your IP  Network

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Use Your Twinax & Coax Printers over TCP/IP 

PLEASE NOTEThe I-O Corporation LAN-RPC  has been discontinued and replaced by the  LAN-RPC+.  It will allow a Twinax printer to connect over IP to IBM iSeries AS400s.  Click here to be taken to the LAN-RPC+ page. 
If you need to connect Coaxial Printers over IP, please click here to see the I-O Corporation 5430e iSeries/zSeries Print ServerClick here to see a diagram of how the 5430e will connect a printer to your IP environment.



The I-O LANRPC Print Server protects printers when migrating to TCP/IP Ethernet. It allows Twinax or Coax IPDS, SCS, or SCS/DSC printers to be connected to an Ethernet network.

You simply connect your Twinax or Coax system printer directly to the I-O LANRPC. Once this is done, you will be able to address the printer via TCP/IP from an IBM AS/400 or 3270-type mainframe. The attached printer can be a laser, dot-matrix or line printer. The I-O LANRPC will reliably communicate the IPDS data received over the TCP/IP Ethernet link to the attached Twinax or Coax cable.

I-O Corporation LAN-RPC  being used to connect a Coax or Twinax printer over IP to an IBM Host:

I-O Corporation 5430e iSeries/zSeries Print Server being used to connect a printer over IP to an IBM Host:



With an I-O LANRPC a non-IPDS (SCS) Twinax or non-IPDS (SCS/DSC) Coax system printer becomes available to virtually any host on the Ethernet network. This includes AS/400, 3270-type mainframe, Unix, Windows XP / 2000 / 98 / 95 and NT, and Novell host systems. All host systems can simultaneously communicate with the I-O attached system printer.

Line and matrix printers configured via TCP/IP, AnyNet or SNA on an AS/400 offer page range printing support and posting of the FORM ALIGNMENT message. The latter is a particularly valuable feature when printing on pre-printed forms or stationary such as checks and invoices.

With I-O?s PrintControl Windows-based utility, the initial setup and configuration is a painless and straight forward task. Once an IP address has been assigned, administrators can easily configure even remote I-O print servers directly from their desktop.



Investment Protection

Reliable and expensive legacy printers are given a new lease on life by connecting over Ethernet to their host.

One-Model Solution

The LANRPC supports both Twinax and Coax hosts and printers (SCS,SCS/DSC or IPDS).


SNA and AnyNet protocols allow the AS/400 to automatically recognize Twinax attached SCS printers.

TN5250e, AnyNet and SNA Support

Page Range Printing and form alignment messages for line and matrix printers.

One-Model Solution

The LANRPC supports both Twinax and Coax hosts and printers (SCS, SCS/DSC or IPDS).


AFP/IPDS printers are connected to the host via true TCP/IP protocol.


SCS Twinax or SCS/DSC Coax printers can now serve as LAN printers.

Configuration Utility

Simple LANRPC configuration from a PC on a local or remote network.

10/100BaseT Auto-Sensing

Automatic adapttion to your network speed requirements.

FLASH Memory

Convenient field-upgrades to take advantage of the latest enhancements.

Simultaneous, Multi-Protocol Printing

Universal access to SCS and SCS/DSC system printers optimizes your printer investment.


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