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Compact Desktop Twinax Printer for
Your AS/400 & AS/36

The IBM 4247 is a discontinued product and only available as a refurbished product.  The NEW alternatives to the IBM 4247 are the CompuPrint 4247  and the Tally 4347i.   Please click on either of these two links to be taken to the respective pages for these two new Desktop Matrix Printers page.


The 6530 series offers the latest in serial matrix technology combined with interface selections to meet today's expansive and changing printing requirements. With the 6530/31, users can select the right serial matrix printer for their application. Moreover, its specifications, interfaces, configurations and options make the 6530/31 a true investment in your printing needs for today and tomorrow. (Click on Picture for specifications)



Advantages and Features

The 6530/31 serial matrix printers support multiple data streams: Twinax and Coax SCS and ASCII. Users can choose from a variety of models and configurations to meet system and user requirements and applications. If system requirements change, users can select from an extensive array of options to support new requirements.


The 6530/31 series has the flexibility and forms handling capability to support multi-part forms, financial reports, invoices, payroll information and program listings.

All Twinax and Coax 6530/31 printers have an ASCII emulation port for dual system attachment. Model 6530/31-01 printers offer users the ability to select automatic data stream switching between the parallel port and Twinax and Coax SCS. The 6530 supports a range of printer speeds - from 67 cps for NLQ mode to 270 cps for DP mode to 350 cps for fast draft mode.

  • 67 cps to 350 cps
  • Multi-part forms and reports
  • Zero line tear off support
  • Dual system attachment


Decision Data's 6530/31 printers offer 3270, AS/400, RS/6000 and LAN users true IBM supported ASCII or SCS emulation that can be easily installed on IBM Systems as replacements for existing products or new printer requirements. Standard support for ASCII and Twinax/Coax SCS models enables system support for popular applications programs.

  • Multi-platform support - AS/400, RS/6000, 3270, LAN
  • Multiple data stream support - ASCII, Twinax/Coax or IPDS

Price Performance and Investment Protection

The 6530/31 printers are designed to provide maximum performance at competitive prices. To save time and expense, 6530/31 printers all support zero line tear off. This automatically advances forms at the completion of a print job and repositions after removal. With the 6530, users can select the right printer at the right price at order time and have confidence that the selected printer can grow with their ever-changing requirements. Your options for costs savings, as well as investment protection, are designed to match your business needs as they change.

The Decision Data Advantage

The 6530 family of serial matrix printers provide a cost-effective, high performance, flexible and compatible solution for serial matrix printing needs. The 6530/31 comes with a 1 year warranty.

Decision Data is ISO certified and widely recognized for its high-quality, cost-effective midrange solutions. In fact, we've won an unequaled 26 Buyers Choice Awards since 1990. With Decision Data, you get the added benefit of 25 years midrange systems experience. You choose a great computer. Choose the right printer. Only from Decision Data.


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