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Decision Data 6615-CTA

1500 LPM High Speed Matrix Printers

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6600.jpg (4476 bytes)Decision Data 6615-CTA Line Matrix Printer

Please Note:  The Decision Data 6600 Family of Matrix Line Printers is no longer manufactured. The Printronix P8000 Series is the direct replacement for this line. The Printronix P7000 Series, IBM/InfoPrint 6500 Series and IBM 6400 Series are also available as refurbished direct replacements for these printers.


Quietized cabinet, coax/Twinax/ASCII (SCS), 1500 lpm.

The 6600 series of Line Matrix Printers carries on the tradition with a group of remarkable innovations - speed, reliability, print quality, versatility, ease of operation - the works. The 6600 series is a Network - Ready series of printers covering a broad performance range, and offering tremendous functionality. (Click on Picture for specifications).

The 6615 is also available with AFP/IPDS in both Twinax and Ethernet versions.


  • PrintNet ? Plus option provides a total solution for the management of networked 6600 series printers worldwide.

  • 5th generation technology increases throughput, reliability, print quality, and connectivity.

  • PSA system design protects investments in existing and future software.

  • Optimized Windows drivers maximize the printing performance of Windows applications.

  • Print speeds of 500, 1000 and 1500 lines per minute (lpm)

Printnet Plus

PrintNet Plus is a combination of Decision Data hardware and software components that offers a truly advanced is management solution for networked 6600 series.

Printnet Plus Interface Card

The PrintNet interface card provides the connection to an Ethernet local area network. It has a built-in printer home page that is accessible by a standard Internet browser, like Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer. This integrated printer option provides fingertip status information and network control of your 6600 series printer.

6600 Series Print Manager

The 6600 series printer manager is a Java-based software application that takes the PrintNet card to a higher level of printer management, providing screens with familiar point-and-click and drag-and-drop operations, along with popup windows. The printer manager provides advanced configuration management tools such as:

  • 6600 series Database Manager

  • Configuration Editor

  • Virtual Control Panel

  • 6600 series Status and Information

  • Software File Downloads

  • Broadcast and Single 6600 series

With the printer manager, you can completely manage the configurations of all worldwide networked 6600 series printers -- with point-and-click ease -- from your desktop PC or workstation. You can easily upload any of eight configurations from any 6600 series printer, edit them, and download them back to the printer. This allows quick and accurate control of all your 6600 series printer configurations.

6600 Series Windows Driver

The 6600 Series Windows Driver prints Windows applications with ease. It has a unique, optimized design that efficiently handles a variety of bar code symbologies, graphics, and text in a single driver.

Auto Port Switching

AutoPort switching automatically switches between coax/Twinax, parallel, and serial ports, which may all be connected to a 6600 series printer at the same time.

Optional Twinax/Coax Interface

The Optional Coax/Twinax Interface is configurable to emulate several IBM 3287, 5225 and 4234 models. Optional IPDS, IGP, PGL/VGL, Magnum, and Hawk emulations are also available.

5th Generation Printer Technology

A new shuttle design with precision, three-dimensional (3D) hammers causes deep hammertip penetration of the paper and assures high print quality under varying temperature and form thickness. A new integral motor improves shuttle response time and decreases vibration, translating into more accurate dot placement and years of non-degradable print quality. But that?s not all. Now, dots can be placed with registration as precise as 0.002 inch, an important consideration for many industrial graphics applications where accuracy is of paramount importance. This new 3D design maximizes impact energy for superior multi-part forms printing. Printing with the new shuttle assembly is also quieter, especially with the 6605 and 6610 Floor cabinet models. They generate 52 dBA of acoustic noise, which makes them suitable for operation in office environments.

PSA Makes A Powerful Difference

PSA makes a powerful difference. All 6600 series printers include a full implementation of state-of-the-art Printer System Architecture (PSA?) complete with a powerful 32-bit processor. Now, all 6600 Series printers are unified by the PSA design concept. PSA allows all of our printing technologies to work together with little or no application software modifications.

Emulations In A Flash

The standard emulation included with the printers is Printronix Line Printer Plus? which includes Printronix P Series, Epson FX 1050 and IBM ProPrinter III XL. Optional emulations available include PGL/VGL, IPDS and ANSI 3.64 Enhanced. These emulations are easily software upgradeable, since they can be loaded into printer flash memory via a PC or through Printronix printer manager.

Worry-Free Unattended Operation

Worry-free, unattended operation. For the ultimate in power printing, the SureStak? power stacker can be combined with the 1000 and 1500 lpm models. This clever option gently folds, stacks and compresses output paper automatically. With SureStak, you can count on worry-free, unattended operation, even with thin or low quality paper.

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Decision Data 6615 Matrix Line Printer



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