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6815 1500 LPM Band Printer

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High quality, high speed printing for high volume jobs

Please Note:  The Decision Data 6815 and 6820 High Speed Band Printers are no longer manufactured. The Printronix P8000 Series is the direct replacement for this line. 


These are the printers designed to take charge of the paper intensive S/3X and AS/400 environment. The Decision Data 6815 and 6820 band printers combine high quality printing with an exceptionally high speed-up to 2000 lines per minute-to produce everything from high volume reports to multi-part invoices. Add a long list of additional high performance features, and you have printers that make easy work of information processing to effectively support sales, production, finance, marketing and more.
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The 6815 and 6820 incorporate a straight paper path with a swing open gate that allows you to change forms, character bands and ribbons easily and quickly. They feature flat tractor feeds and a power paper puller to minimize misfeeds and paper jams. Plus, the power paper stocker adjusts as it fills and is protected by sensors to alert you in the unlikely event that a paper jam should occur.

What's more, both printers offer the flexibility of fully formed character sets for up to 60 different bands-including foreign languages. Even handling continuous feed, multi-part and oversized forms is a breeze with the 6815 and 6820.

And with their high duty cycle, these rugged performers are built to gi've you years of reliable, trouble-free printing.

Perfect for DP center, the warehouse or the factory floor.

The Decision Data 6815 and 6820 have many user-friendly features that make them ideal for DP center, warehouse or manufacturing environments.

They include both a line counter and an hour meter for more accurate scheduling of workload. Their automatic vacuum system operates continuously to minimize maintenance, or can be used manually for periodic, routine cleaning.

The printers are fully enclosed for quiet operation so they can be placed in an office environment. Each also includes electronic vertical paper alignment; a separate large-forms input area; and a rear operator panel that allows for job interruptions without long production halts.

Color coded, LCD-assisted operator panel means maximum throughput efficiency.

The 6815 and 6820 come complete with a unique digital display that lets you verify every band, language and paper handling mode utilized so operator errors can be kept to a minimum. In addition, there are eight, quick-entry command buttons which are color coded to immediately identify frequent, secondary and special operation/test functions.

And finally, using a microprocessor based controller, the 6815 and 6820 have self-diagnostic capabilities. Should a problem occur, error conditions are shown on a 32-character display and 5 LED indicators.

Major features/benefits

  • Up to 2000 Ipm for high speed, high volume printing

  • High print quality for enhanced readability

  • Straight paper path with a swing open gate for easy forms loading, and band/ribbon changes

  • Flat tractor feeds and power paper puller to minimize misfeeds and jams

  • Self-adjust paper stacker with sensors for jam alert

  • Up to 60 bands of character sets for print flexibility

  • Continuous feed, multi-part and oversized forms capability for flexible paper handling

  • Line counter and hour meter for accurate scheduling

  • Automatic vacuum system with detachable hose for minimal maintenance

  • High duty cycle for reliability

  • Fully enclosed printer for quiet operation (55 dBA/6815; 60 dBA/6820)

  • Separate large-forms input area for easy loading

  • Rear operator panel for fast, easy job interruption

  • Color coded, LCD-assisted operator panel for maximum throughput efficiency


Specifications                                      (Back to top)


Speeds: 6815 6820
48 character band 1500 lpm 2000 lpm
64 character band 1250 lpm 1650 lpm
96 character band 925 lpm 1220 lpm


Format: 132 character per line, by 10 characters per inch, by 6 or 8 lines per inch
Characters per inch (cpi): 10
Lines per inch (lpi): 6/8
Skip rate (inches per second): 25 ips - low speed, 55 ips - advanced
Ribbon: Towel 15" x 44"
Ribbon life: 1 million characters
Emulation: IBM 5256, 4245, 6262
System attachments: System 34/36/38, AS/400

Paper Handling

Forms: Continuous feed: 4" to 17.5" (W), 8" to 14" (L)
Multi-copy up to 6 part forms
Power paper puller/stacker: Standard, self adjusting
Band selection: 60 US and International bands


Dimensions: 36" (W) x 46" (H) x 33" (D) -- 91cm (W) x 117cm (H) x 84cm (D)
Weight: 400 lb (180 kg)

Operating Environment

Sound emission: 55 dBA/6815, 60 dBA/6820
Temperature/humidity range: 40-104F (5-40C); 8 to 90% (non-condensing)
AC/Power: 100, 200 VAC, 60 Hz, 4 Amps single phase
115, 230 VAC, 50 Hz, 2 Amps single pahse

Control and Indicators

Switches Front: phase, form feed, line feed, set top of form, print test, single cycle, vacuum, run, stop
Rear: run, stop, form feed, line feed
Indicators Front: remote alarm display, power, system available, line sync, 32 character LCD display
Rear: alert, run, stop
Paper controls:

coarse and fine vertical adjustments, form thickness adjustments, coarse and fine horizontal adjustments

Additional Features                                                     (Back to top)

Comprehensive self test, ribbon tension and skew control, floor levelers and casters, vacuum cleaner system, start-up kit includes 2 bands and ribbon.

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