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IS-486 Twinax Display Station
Monochrome Terminal for iSeries, AS/400 and AS/36

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Twinax Display Stations for the IBM i5,
AS/400 & System/36 Environment

PLEASE NOTE: The Decision Data IS486, IS488 and LM488c Twinax Terminals are discontinued models and have not been manufactured for several years.

We have the following refurbished Twinax terminals and replacement keyboards available.  Please click on the following links to get more information on each item:


The Decision Data DisplayWindow II, Model IS-486 is a versatile, cost-effective, 14 inch tilt and swivel high resolution color display monitor for AS/400, AS/36 and S/36 Twinax environments. It is plug compatible with the IBM? 3486 model. The IS-486 offers a powerful set of standard features plus many valuable options. It is designed to enhance individual as well as system productivity. It is technically advanced, yet easy-to use. (Click on Picture for Specifications)


  • Superior ergonomics, enhanced mouse support

  • Enhanced information access via dual screens

  • Host or local printing capabilities

  • Up to 4 terminal sessions and 1 printer session

  • Shared addressing and password security

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