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Model 3487 InfoWindow II Display Stations

Color or Monochrome Twinax Terminal for AS400, iSeries & AS/36

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IBM InfoWindow II 3487 - A Multi-Session 132 Column Capable Color Twinax Display Station for the iSeries, AS/400 and AS/36


The IBM InfoWindow II 3487 is Twinax Display Station that allows direct connection to your AS400, iSeries or System/36. It is available in either monochrome or color..

PLEASE NOTE:  The IBM 3487 is only available as a refurbished product on a very limited basis.  Because of their age most 3487s have very faded screens.  We recommend the following Modular Twinax Terminals as better alternatives to the 3487.  Please click on the following links:

We also have replacement keyboards for all IBM InfoWindow Twinax Terminals. Click here for replacement keyboards for your IBM 3476, 3477, 3486, 3487, 3488 and 3489 Twinax Terminals


  • 15-Inch Color Screen

  • Supports 24, 32, 43 and 49 rows by 80 columns and 27 rows
    by 132 columns (monitor-dependent)

  • User-selectable foreground and background colors

  • Two keyboards available: 122-key 24 command key keyboard and
    102-key enhanced keyboard

  • Supports four display sessions and one printer session

  • Shared addressing: all display sessions use (share) a single twinaxial address

  • Variable vertical or horizontal split screen

  • Enhanced user interface with IBM mouse and/or light-pen support

  • Available refurbished only

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