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LM488C & IS488 - 5250 Twinax Display Stations

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Decision Data  IS488
Monochrome Display

Twinax Display Stations for the IBM i5,
AS/400 & System/36 Environment

PLEASE NOTE: The Decision Data IS486, IS488 and LM488c Twinax Terminals are discontinued models and have not been manufactured for several years.

We have the following refurbished Twinax terminals and replacement keyboards available.  Please click on the following links to get more information on each item:


Decision Data’s IS488 and LM488C family of IBM InfoWindow AS/400 compatible (Twinax) workstations are designed for high performance at a low cost. In addition to increased productivity and ease of use, modular designs provides investment protection.

Decision Data 5250-compatible Twinax displays support both local attachment to IBM AS/400 and 36/38 systems and remote attachment via IBM 5294, 5394 or 5494 and compatible controllers. Local or remote attachment is available via Twinax cable or twisted pair cable with baluns. Click here for 3270 Coax Display Stations.


  • Plug compatible with IBM? Twinax Displays

  • Monochrome and Color Models Available

  • 122-Keyboards with 24 Command Keys

  • Three Year Warranty

  • Low cost, high performance

  • Migration paths for investment protection

  • Password security

  • Multiple display, plus printer sessions

  • Host or local printing, parallel ports for low cost printers

  • Superior ergonomics, enhanced mouse support

  • Free technical support* (in USA)

  • Bar code & data collection options

Advantages and Features

Monochrome and Color Models

Two Twinax models are available - the Model LM-488C, a Logic Module with keyboard that supports any SVGA color monitor and the Model IS-488, for monochrome display (green, amber, paper white)..

Superior ergonomic design

Decision Data display units are easy to use, with high quality evident in its physical design, performance and user productivity.

Monochrome workstations consist of a 14-inch high resolution monitor of a non-glare screen available in green, amber or paper white. The products feature a small footprint, tilt and swivel movement, and support a slim-profile 122-key keyboard.

Color display logic modules are light and compact, hosting a slim connectivity card to provide space advantage. Units can be easily attached to a SVGA monitor and a 122-key or a PC keyboard to preserve customer's investment.

Efficient multiple and split screen display

Workstation efficiency gets a boost with Decision Data displays. All models have multiple display sessions and one printer session. The units also supports split-screen, simultaneous display of a reference screen with the active screen. The user can paste data from the active screen to the reference screen, where it can be saved or cleared for future reference, or pasted to other applications.

Image55.gif (28353 bytes)

Decision Data  LM488C
Color Logic Module
(Keyboard not shown)

Versatile printing capabilities

The integrated parallel port enables a low-cost printer to be attached directly to DisplayWindow II workstations, for both host-addressable and local printing. You can select one of several pre-defined printer configurations, including Epson, HP LaserJet, and IBM. Or, use the Printer Definition Utility (PDU) to configure a user-defined printer. The PDU enables the user to change ASCII translation tables and add or delete printer commands.


Enhanced productivity tools

Execution of routine tasks are quicker and easier with Decision Data workstations. A type-ahead buffer and a 6,000 keystroke record/playback function enable simplified data input. Productivity tools include full column tabulation, an enhanced online calculator with import/export capabilities, screen cut-and-paste, presentation space, and the ability to mark unprotected fields. Off-line accessories include an activity reminder, alarm clock and telephone directory, available with a touch of a key.

Download the Decision Data IS488 / LM488C Datasheet

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Workstation Features

Twinax Display Station Models

Display Emulation


5291 / 3180
3196 / 3197D
3476 / 3477
3487 / 3488



5291 / 3180
3196 / 3197

Monitor Integrated
Green, Amber or White

External SVGA

Item Number for Ordering DD488A - Amber Screen
DD488G - Green Screen
DD488W - White Screen

(color monitor optional)

Detailed Specifications Click Here for detailed specifications
on IS488 & LM488C Display Stations



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