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Perle 594m Remote Controller
Twinax Remote Controller with IP Capability

The Most Cost-efficient and Flexible Solution
for Low-density Twinax Support
at AS/400 Branch Offices

Please Note:
 The 594m is no longer manufactured.
The replacement products are the  I-O Corporation Xip+ Twinax Controller (new) and the BOSaNOVA eTwinax Controller (refurbished).  Click on either product name to be taken the the respective pages for these two Twinax-Over-IP options.


The Perle 594M Series of Twinax Terminal Servers is designed to connect small numbers of remote Twinax devices to AS/400 hosts across a SNA or TCP/IP network. Each model in the Perle 594M Series provides a simple, reliable and extremely cost-efficient solution for AS/400 branch office networking.

  • Support of up to 80 Ethernet or Token-Ring LAN devices

  • TCP/IP networking - SNA support without the high cost of setting up and maintaining a multi-protocol wide area network (WAN)

  • IP Routing Feature routes IP traffic from IP devices at remote site onto the corporate WAN using Frame Relay protocol, eliminating the need for external FRADs

  • Optional Fast Ethernet (10/100 Mbps) or 4/16 Mbps Token-Ring support

  • Ideal for upgrading existing IBM 5394 or Perle 394 controllers

  • IBM 5494 compatibility

  • Ideal for upgrading existing Twinax attached APPC Wireless/RF Data Collection Controllers to TCP/IP connection



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