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Praim 5488 & 5488 Plus
Modular Twinax Terminal
for AS400, iSeries and System/36

Praim 5488 & 5488 Plus Modular Twinax Terminal - A Multi-Session 132 Column Capable Display Station for the iSeries, AS/400 and AS/36


The Praim 5488 / 5488 Plus is a Logic Module with Keyboard that allows direct connection to your AS400, iSeries or System/36.  It supports standard SVGA color monitors.

The Praim 5488 and 5488 Plus are no longer manufactured and are currently in stock and available for shipment.

We also have the following refurbished Twinax terminals available.  Please click on the following links:


  • Compatible with IBM InfoWindow II 3487C.

  • Supports IBM 3477, 3487, 3197, 3487C, 3487(no ECB), 3477C, 3197C and 3488 display emulations.

  • Printer session support : IBM 5256, 4214/2 (Includes APF-graphics support), 5219 and 3812.

  • Able to send escape codes to printer using Hex Passthrough.

  • Supports font, CPI and LPI override.

  • Supports ‘Shared Addressing’ allowing the activation of 4 logical sessions using only one physical session.

  • Up to 35 parallel print drivers are supported.

  • Compatible with any SVGA color or monochrome monitor.

  • Supports 122 key keyboard.

  • Mouse support.  

  • Advanced user interface with built-in calculator.


Purchase On Line - Replacement Keyboards for Praim 5488 / 5488 Plus Twinax Terminal

Replacement 122-Key Keyboards available for for the Affirmative 2488 Twinax Terminals.

Click on the image above for a larger picture of the Affirmative 122-Key Keyboard

Item Number




REFURBISHED Praim 5488/5488 Plus Modular Twinax Workstation, Logic Module Only, (no keyboard or monitor)
90-Day Twin Data Warranty


for Availability


Replacement 122-Key Keyboard for Praim 5488 and 5488 Plus Twinax Logic Modules

$ 149.00


Replacement 122-Key Keyboard for Praim 5488 and 5488 Plus Twinax Logic Modules - REFURBISHED

for Availability


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Praim 5488 / 5488+ Modular Twinax Logic Module



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