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Printronix Cartridge Ribbon for
P8000 and P7000 Line Printers

Cartridge Ribbons for Printronix P8000 and P7000 Matrix Line Printers


Printronix P8000 / P7000 Cartridge Series of Line Matrix Printers provides competitive advantages. Through a series of engineering innovations, the P8000 / P7000 Series delivers improved reliability, productivity and environmental advantages. Click here if you need Spool Ribbons for your Printronix P7000 Line Printers.

  • LONGER LASTING INK = Fewer ribbon changes yield more productivity and contribute to a lower cost of ownership.

  • LEADING EDGE RIBBON TECHNOLOGY = Less IT interventions reduces downtime, with a patented ribbon jam prevention system. The high-density ribbon yields a longer life and a darker print quality.

  • EMBEDDED MICROCHIP = Provides precise, integrated control over ribbon life, print quality and operating costs. Productivity is improved by preventing interruptions of long print runs.

  • CARTRIDGE RIBBON DESIGN = With the self contained cartridge ribbon, changing ribbons is easier, cleaner and faster when compared to spool and laser printers.

  • ENVIRONMENTAL ADVANTAGE = Line matrix consumables are greener than serial or laser printer consumables, and are able to print on papers and forms with a higher percentage of recycled content.

  • BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY = Ribbon cartridges for the P8000 are backwards compatible with P7000 Cartridge printers for reduced inventory management cost and simplified ordering.

Up to 20% Improvement In Consumable Cost Per Page

  • In comparison to the previous generation line matrix spool ribbon, cartridge ribbons are a major improvement. The cartridge ribbon does more with less, yielding a longer print life and a more uniform print quality. It is easier to use, cleaner and requires no special user technical skills, reducing labor costs. And compared to laser technology, line matrix offers far better environmental advantages by producing less waste.

Standard Life Cartridge Ribbons

  • Lowest cost per purchase for customers with a restrictive budget. Available in a single pack. This cartridge ribbon fits all P8000/P7000 Cartridge printer models.

Extended Life Cartridge Ribbons

  • For customers seeking a lower operating cost per page. Available in a four pack for greatest cost savings. This cartridge ribbon fits all P8000/P7000 Cartridge models, except the 500 line per minute models.

Click here if you need Spool Ribbons for your P7000 or P5000 Line Printer

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Extended Life
Cartridge Ribbon

Printronix Extended Life Cartridge Ribbon, 4 pack
Yield 30,000 pages -  for P8000 and P7000 Line Printers (1000, 1500 and 2000 LPM models).
EXCEPT 500 line per minute models
4 Pack

$ 303.00

Replacement for

Standard Life
Cartridge Ribbon

Printronix Standard Life Cartridge Ribbon, 1 pack
Yield: 17,000 pages - for P8000 and P7000 (500, 1000, 1500, 2000 LPM models). Yield 17K pages
1 Pack

$   79.50


Standard Life
Cartridge Ribbon

Printronix Standard Life Cartridge Ribbon, 4 pack
Yield: 17,000 pages - for P8000 and P7000 (500, 1000, 1500, 2000 LPM models). Yield 17K pages
4 Pack

$ 289.00


Ultra Capacity
Spool Ribbon

Printronix P7000 Ultra Capacity Spool Ribbon, 6-Pack
Yield: 90 million characters - 13,000 pages, Text and Barcode applications.
Fits all Printronix P7000 Models - Cabinet or Pedestal
Models: P7000/ P7005/ P7010/ P7015/ P7205/ P7210/ P7215/ P7220
Spool Ribbon Models
6 Pack

$  275.00


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