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Family of Heavy Duty Line Printers

Heavy Duty Line Matrix Printers for Mission Critical Printing Applications

All models of Genicom, Tally & TallyGenicom Matrix Line Printers haves been replaced by the TallyGenicom 6600 Series of Matrix Line Printers Click here to be taken to TallyGenicom 6600 page.


Tally offers a complete line of heavy duty line matrix printers ranging in speeds from 500 lpm to an industry leading 1800 lpm.  When you need an unlimited duty cycle printer to handle the requirements of your printed output, Tally's family of line matrix printers has one to fit whatever your requirement calls for.

No matter what computer system you need to attach to - iSeries, AS/400, IBM Mainframe, Network or Unix, the Tally family of printers can handle it.  They are available with Twinax, coax, serial, parallel and Ethernet connections. 

Simultaneous connection to multiple systems is a snap with Automatic Port Switching.

If graphics are needed, the Tally family is available with IPDS, Magnum Code V, IGP, PGL and VGL.  

Click on the picture of the printers below for more details.  You can also call us at (800)597-2525 for more information and to help you decide which printer will work best for you.


T6050 & T6065 - Powerful, Entry-Level Line Printer

T6050 & T6065 -- speed and power of line printing with the flexibility of a desktop dot matrix printer T6050 & T6065 -- long-run data processing printouts, yet gives all the font and character printing capability needed for management reports, mailings or forms processing T6050 & T6065 -- in addition to POSTNET bar code, only Tally provides both QMS<sup>®</sup> CODE V<sup>®</sup> and Printronix Graphics Language (PGL) compatibility at no extra cost T6050 & T6065 -- stored-energy hammer bank technology in the T6050 provides consistent print quality, whether printing single-part or six-part forms, using less electrical energy

Open Pedestal

Enclosed Pedestal

Open Pedestal

Enclosed Pedestal

The T6050 and T6065 Printers share these advantages

Speeds up to 500 (T6050) or 650 (T6065) lines per minute

Quick-change, clean-hands ribbon cartridges


Paper motion and paper out detection

Straight paper path for excellent forms handling

Stored-energy hammer bank technology for highest reliability

Up to 6-part forms

Page Segment Architecture for highest throughput

Flash memory for easy program updates

Unlimited duty cycle

Excellent connectivity including Twinax, Coax, Ethernet, IPDS and IPDS over TCP/IP


T6100 & T6101—Best Price Performance and Cost of Ownership

T6100 & T6101 -- flawless operation under adverse conditions. Superior print quality is achieved by a special impact element that creates a uniform, solid dot image T6100 & T6101 -- designed to produce time sensitive, large volume critical business documents at very low cost such as high quality multi-part printing on invoices, reports, special labels, or bar coded media T6100 & T6101 -- font styles, character sizes and print attributes can be mixed on a single line, and Tally's exclusive Read/Right bar code algorithm creates sharp bar codes with no loss of throughput T6100 & T6101 -- for maximum speed and throughput, a controller featuring 'Page Segment Architecture' intelligently arranges data into segments prior to printing. Text and graphics print in just one pass with no forms reversal


Open Pedestal

Enclosed Pedestal

Quietized Cabinet

All the T6100 Printer Models share these advantages

Quick-change, clean-hands ribbon cartridges

Stored-energy hammer bank technology for highest reliability

Flash memory for easy program updates

PC/LAN compatible

Straight paper path for excellent forms handling

Up to 6-part forms

Excellent connectivity options including Twinax/Coax, Ethernet, IPDS & IPDS over TCP/IP

Wide range of emulations and user-installable I/O modules with "hot" interfaces

QMS® Code V® and PGL compatibility


T6180—Blazing throughput across all types of special media

Ideal for industry or business applications
where durability counts and time is critical

T6180 -- the first line matrix printer to achieve a print speed of 1800 lines per minute. Featuring a dual dot row hammer bank, this inherently reliable stored energy system prints two rows of dots simultaneously. Combined with innovations such as Page Segment Architecture and constant density fonts, the T6180 delivers blazing throughput across all types of special media
T6180 Quietized Cabinet

The 1800 lpm T6180 Printer has these advantages

1800 lines per minute

Page Segment Architecture eliminates need for forms reversal

Hammer bank redundancy for top print quality

Automatically selects the active interface

Resident parallel & serial interfaces

Stored energy hammer bank

Precise forms thickness lever, four-tractor system and passive stacker for heavy forms

QMS® Code V® and PGL at no additional charge

Unlimited duty cycle

Read/Right barcode algorithm produces high quality bar codes with no loss of throughput


T6215—High Performance, High Technology Line Matrix Printer

Peak performance in high volume, operation-sensitive print applications

T6215 -- patented Smart Ribbon 250 offers clean-hands ribbon cartridge convenience while delivering new ribbon quality over its entire 250 million character life -- the longest life in the industry. The widest range of printer emulations and LAN capabilities exceeding anything on the market as well as popular graphics languages and top-notch web administration utilities
T6215 Quietized Cabinet

The 1500 lpm T6215 Printer has these advantages

New high efficiency, stored energy hammer bank for exceptional reliability

QMS® Code V® and PGL compatibility

Straight paper path for excellent forms handling

Exclusive Smart Ribbon technology for consistent print density

1500 lines per minute

Read/Right barcode algorithm produces high quality bar codes with no loss of throughput

Unlimited duty cycle

Ergonomically enhanced control panel and reversible doors for operator convenience




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