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T2150 and T2250 Series
Commercial Matrix Printers

Industrial Grade Printing Options
for All Your Applications 

PLEASE NOTE:  The T2150 and T2250 have been replaced with the upgraded and faster 2600+ and 2610+ printers.
Please click here to be taken to the 2600+ Series Printer page.


Printing invoices, shipping bills, bar code labels and reports can impact the bottom line. At 540 cps—415 pages per hour—with workloads to 16,000 pages per month the T2150 and T2250 are ideal for tough, transaction printing.

The T2150/T2250 can be configured optionally with three input tractors. A standard front push tractor and straight paper path load up to 6-part forms with zero tear-off for zero waste, zero skewing and zero jams. A second front tractor and a rear tractor may be added.

From the small 80-column footprint of the T2150 to the 136-column capacity of the T2250 their rugged design and quiet <53dB(A) operation equip them for the warehouse, the shipping dock or the front desk. Back-room durability combined with front-office 24-wire print quality and a variety of automated performance features make the T2150/T2250 a serious solution for demand document printing.

  • Low cost/high performance – 540 cps/415 pages per hour

  • Load up to three forms at once

  • Straight paper path for up to 6-part forms on front tractors

  • Auto-switching parallel and serial interfaces

  • Ease of operation through fully automatic gap adjustment, quick-tear, paper load, and paper parking

  • 15 Industry standard bar codes resident including POSTNET

  • 8 resident fonts




T2150 Narrow Carriage


T2250 Wide Carriage

T2245 shown with standard with front insertion for single sheets

T2150 shown above with standard with front insertion for single sheets; Also standard for T2250

T2245 shown with second front push tractor option)

T2250 shown above with second front push tractor option; Also optional for T2150




  • Print tax forms, payroll checks, expense reports, inventory reports, invoices

  • Tally—a well-known vendor to government installations—is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer

  • Straight paper path for unattended, jam-free operation

  • Print pick lists, shipping labels & freight bills

  • Excellent readability on all industry standard bar codes

  • Energy Star compliant and low-cost to own and operate

  • Rugged design for harsh environments

  • Handles a wide variety of media including bar code labels for patient charts, prescription labels, pre-printed forms for billing departments

  • High reliability ensures accurate patient information

  • 24-wire print quality

  • Easy ribbon replacement and paper loading


Technical Specifications

Tally 2145 and 2245 Specifications

Print Technology

Serial impact dot matrix

Print Speed
12 CPI: Draft: 540 cps, NLQ: 220 cps, LQ: 110 cps
15 CPI: Draft: 675 cps, NLQ: 270, LQ: 135 cps
Printhead Type


Print Mode Bi-Directional
Max. Recommended Workload

16,000 pages per month


10,000 hours

Noise Level

<:53 dB(A)

Parameter Selections Front panel menu (32 character LCD) and host programmable (3 separate menu configurations can be stored for access through the interface)
Buffer Size


Character Sets 256 characters, 20 international sets, IBM PC and Epson
Graphic Resolution (V x H)

24-wire: 360 x 360 dpi

Character Density

10, 12, 15, 17.1, 20 copy

Characters per Line T2150: 80 at 10 cpi, 96 at 12 cpi, 120 at 15 cpi, 136 at 17.1 cpi, 160 at 20 cpi
T2250: 136 at 10 cpi, 163 at 12 cpi, 204 at 15 cpi, 232 at 17.1 cpi, 272 at 20 cpi
Line Density

2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12 lpi


Standard: Draft, Copy Draft; NLQ and LQ: Courier, Roman, San Serif, Cyrillic, OCR A/B, 15 Bar codes & scaleable LCP font (Accepts downloadable fonts in Epson and IBM XL24 format)


Standard: MTPL* (including 15 resident bar codes and LCP), IBM Proprinter XL24, Epson LQ-2550
Optional: HP 2934/HP RuggedWriter, DEC LA75, RS-422 I/O

Paper Handling

Standard: Friction and push tractor, front feed (straight path for continuous forms and labels), auto paper load, auto quick tear, auto view, full paper parking, auto-gap adjustment (for forms thickness)

Optional: Supplemental push tractors (front and/or rear), single-bin 100-sheet automatic sheet feeder

Original plus 5 copies (standard front push tractors)

Paper Width

 Graphic for spacing only
Graphic for spacing only
Continuous Forms:   T2150 = 3" to 10"
T2250 = 3" to 16.5"
Cut Forms:   T2150 = 3" to 10"
T2250 = 3" to 16.5"
Form Length

Continuous Forms= 3" to 22"
Cut Forms = 3" to 14"


T2150: Cassette / 3.6 million characters
T2250: Cassette / 5.0 million characters

Power Requirements

AC 120V/60 Hz or AC 230V/50 Hz


40 watts (operating)

Physical (W x D x H)





Supplemental push tractors, auto sheet feeder, , RS-422 I/O, Ethernet 10/100

* Tally Printer Language
** Single bin, 100 sheets
T2150 and T2250 Paper Path Diagram

T2145/T2245 paper path diagram

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