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Serial Matrix Printers & Matrix Line Printers
for AS400 Twinax and 3270 Coax Mainframe Users


Tally is a global manufacturer of industrial grade printers of all printing technologies - serial matrix, line matrix and laser - offering a complete selection from desktop workgroup printers to high speed system printers.

The Genicom 3880 and 3860 are no longer manufactured.  The replacement product for these models are the Tally 4347-i08 and 4347-i10 Matrix printers.  The 4347-i series is the only available alternative to the IBM 4247 for Twinax, Coax and IPDS applications. 

T3016 2000 CPS Ink Jet Printer - is first ever ink jet to handle tractor forms and single sheets at a print speed of 2000 CPS – 16 pages per minute – for less than 1/3 of a penny per page.  The ultimate in high speed, quiet operation and low cost of ownership.

For serial matrix printers, TallyGenicom is the only manufacturer that offers a complete line from simple desktop models to ruggedized high duty cycle printers. See the complete line of TallyGenicom's Serial Matrix Printers to see which is best for you or Click here to check out the comparison of the models  to see which fits your needs best.

Line printers range in speed from 500 lpm to 1800 lpm.  Click here to see TallyGenicom, and for a comparison of their basic specifications, click here.

Check out the T6180 1800 LPM Matrix Printer - the fastest matrix printer for AS/400 and 3270 computer environments.  Click on the models listed below the picture for detailed information on each model.

You can also click on the pictures of the printers below for more information on this exceptional line of printers that can fit any printing need.

Click on the links below for more information on these products 

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